Son of Baikal

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The film tells about the boy Anton Budeev, who was born and raised on the Ushkany Islands on Lake Baikal. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. Landscapes of Baikal. Anton's father hollows ice on the lake, his mother carries water, a view of residential buildings on the shore. Anton's mother, an employee of the weather station, comes up to the meteorological booth, takes readings from the instruments, Anton and his father are sailing on a motor boat on the lake, pulling nets with fish, putting the fish in a trough, cutting the fish; Anton's father, a fishery inspector, negotiates on the radio; Anton climbs the rocky shore, watching the seals. 2 part. Landscapes of Lake Baikal: summer and winter. Members of the Budeev family at the table at home, drinking tea; Anton on the shore of Lake Baikal, in the forest with a chainsaw, sawing trees, chopping wood in the yard; Anton's mother at the meteorological station, collecting water. Anton with his father on the ice of Lake Baikal, pulling nets; the type of fish in the nets; Anton and his father load the fish into the car. Part 3: Anton carries firewood to the bathhouse, stokes the stove, rides on the ice on a motorcycle, loads blocks of ice into the sleigh; members of the Budeev family are sitting at the table, eating; on the stove fried fish in a frying pan, pots. Anton is loading a barrel of fuel; Anton and his father are driving in the car; landscapes of the surroundings: hills, taiga (removed from movement); Anton's mother cooks in the kitchen; Anton fills the car with gasoline at a gas station; Anton and his father are driving a car in the evening on the ice of Lake Baikal.
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automobile transport
, everyday life
, meteorology
, animal world
, landscapes
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