Song in the Fight for Peace

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The film tells about the music festival "Song in the Struggle for Peace", which took place in Kiev in 1987. View of Khreshchatyk street, traffic (filmed from a moving car). Ensembles from the GDR, Egypt, India, Spain, Congo, and the Republic of Cuba appear on the stage of the concert hall to the applause of the audience. The first secretary of the Central Committee of the Young Communist League of Ukraine addresses the participants of the festival (synchronously). Festival participants applauded on stage. The hymn of democratic youth is being played. Antiwar rally-concert "Let's not let the world blow up" at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Artists sing on stage (synchronously); young people are applauding in the hall; balloons are flying. Festival participants give interviews to correspondents, meet with their Ukrainian peers. Two men in the foyer of the concert hall are singing to the guitar (synchronously). American singer Lucy Murphy is speaking. Lucy Murphy sings in the hall (synchronously). Spectators applauded, holding anti-war posters. Singer from Great Britain Billy Black gives an interview to the correspondent. Performers in the hall: the rock group Miklos Vargi from Hungary (synchronously); the rock group "Enna 55" from the GDR (synchronously); folklore ensemble from Malta (synchronously); folklore VIA "Luscinia" from Czechoslovakia (synchronously); ensemble "Sakerna" from Denmark. View of the bridge over the Dnieper (removed from the movement). Panorama of one of the new neighborhoods. Antiwar rally in one of the city squares. Panorama of the participants of the meeting. People are planting trees in the park. Says the singer from Bulgaria Georgy Klimov (synchronously). In the concert hall Sophia Rotaru sings (synchronously) Robert Verkhoyan's song "Get Up". Spectators applauded, holding anti-war posters.
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