Songs of Russia

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People's Artists of the RSFSR I. Arkhipova, B. Shtokolov in a train car. B. Shtokolov as Boris Godunov, I. Arkhipov as Marina Mnishek in the opera Boris Godunov at the Sverdlovsk Opera and Ballet Theater. I. Arkhipova, N. M. Malysheva at the piano, sings. B. Shtokolov sings the song "Hey, uhnem". Meeting I. Arkhipova, B. Shtokolov at the station in Moscow. B. Shtokolov sings the song "Dubinushka", I. Arkhipova sings "Ode" on the stage of the Palace of Congresses. Demonstration on Red Square. Moscow. City views. The building of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR. Fireworks. The building of the Palace of Congresses. Children at the window in the village hut, on the stove. Children cross the street in the city, sleep, draw on the asphalt. Cruiser "Kirov" in the road. The sailor plays the guitar. Berlin city. Monument to the soldiers of the Soviet Army in Treptower Park. Details of the monument. People at the monument. The choir sings the song "Buchenwald Alarm" at the song festival in Sochi. Steamer "Nekrasov" on the Northern Dvina River. Rehearsal of the Northern Folk Choir on the deck. Performance by the Northern Folk Choir. The building of the Volzhskaya hydroelectric power station. Motor ship, tug on the Volga river. Volga choir performance. Former partisans of the "Grandfather" division sing the song "March of the" Grandfather "partisan division. Concert of the Fedorov sisters in the club of the Kirov plant. "Lyub-grass". A. V. Sveshnikov at the piano in the class of the Moscow Conservatory, studying with S. Antipov. Landscapes of Russia. The film contains songs: "Polyushko collective farm", "Bitter", "Polyushko-field", "Night" , "Song of the Northern Dvina", "Northern round dances", "Ivushka", "The Volgars sing", "Do the Russians want war", "Moscow evenings", "Combineers", "Omsk Polechka", "She saw me out".
E. Teacher
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, energy
, nature
, river transport
, everyday life
, folk choirs
, eastgermany
, theatre
, cities
, music
Number of Parts
N. Blazhkov, N. Vinogradsky, F. Ovsyannikov
Other Creators
Sound E. Belsky, N. Zinina, music V. Chistyakov, S. Tombak
Release Date
Has Sound

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