South Ossetia

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Georgia. South Ossetian Autonomous Region. Landscapes of mountains, steppes, forests, lakes, rivers, reservoirs. Flocks of sheep in the pasture. Shepherds with herding dogs graze sheep. Lambs. Collective farm named after Beria. The chairman of the collective farm - Marta Plieva, agronomists, livestock breeders of the collective farm at work. Breeder Elizaveta Alexandrovna Push on a collective farm field. The process of making sheep's cheese. Construction of the Vanack irrigation canal. Power station. Car repair plant. Quaysk mines. Cable car. Oilfield. Oil rigs. Selection station. The station manager is M. Tekhova. Harvesting wheat, apples on collective farms. Grain threshing. Pioneers are present at the cleaning. Java resort. Territory, buildings, mineral springs. Monument to K. Khetagurov. Vacationers. Pioneers on vacation. The city of Staliniri. Streets, buildings. Train Station. High school students in the classroom. Composer B.A.Galiev. Stalinist Pedagogical Institute, art school. Artists A. Gasaev and B. Sanakoev. Writer I. Kavkazak at work. Athletes at the stadium. Rehearsal at the K. Khetagurov Theater. Fragment of the play "Fatima". Wedding ceremony. Komsomol bride Vera Kumaritova. Wedding messengers - horsemen riding. Arrival of the groom. Wedding feast. May Day demonstration. The State Song and Dance Ensemble performs the Simd folk dance.
Sh. Martashvili, V. Valishvili, I. Kandelaki
Film ID
, livestock
, higher education
, agricultural sciences
, reclamation
, plant growing
, fiction
, music
, painting
, energy
, fuel industry
, spa assistance
, theatre
, state holidays
, landscapes
, mining industry
, school education
, childrens organizations
, food industry
, cities
, railway transport
Number of Parts
A. Filipashvili, B. Kreps
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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