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A film about Southeast Asia, intended to be shown in 6th grade geography lessons; mounted from film materials. Philippines. Seascapes of the Sunda Islands. Peaks of volcanoes. Terraces with rice paddies. Monsoon rain floods the village: children run to the house, the family hides under a canopy. Representatives of the Promalay tribe are sitting in a circle, smoking a pipe, performing ritual dances. The woman hits the gamelan. Peasants on buffalo plow the land, plant rice sprouts. Women harvest on terraced slopes. A man on a banana plantation cuts off the branches with the fruits of bananas. Farmers peel coconuts to make coconut oil and copra. General view of the plantation of rubber trees - hevea. The woman cuts the tree trunks, collects the milky-white latex sap, and the elephants pull the teak tree trunks with them. The elephant drivers are laying valuable timber .. Fishing in the sea: fishermen in boats throw a net into the water, sort out the catch. Fish market: women, men butcher fish. Seafood counters: Chinese umbrella trade. The girl paints a clean canvas of the Chinese umbrella. Mactan Island. Cebu City. Monument to the famous traveler F. Magellan in the Mactan Shrine park. Indonesia. Krakatoa Island. Mountain landscape of an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. Eruption of hot gas, rocks and lava from the mouth of the Anak-Krakatau volcano. Bangka island. A ring-tailed lemur climbs up in the crowns of trees. A giant squirrel is crawling along a tree trunk. A tree monkey, an orangutan, is swinging on the lianas, drinking water from a leaf. Black-backed tapir at the edge of the forest. There is also a wild boar. Wild bulls Bantengi in the protected part of the island. Komodo island. Giant lizard - Komodo dragon monitor in the national park. Java island. The Javan rhino is hiding in the thickets of Ujung Kulon Park. Belitung Islands, Sinkep, Banka. Open pit mining of tin ores using excavators, using dredges. Loaded dump trucks rise along the serpentine road from the quarry. The installation of a multi-bucket dredge is in operation. Singapore. Singapore city. Streets, embankments, parks. Statue of Merlion Caven's suspended footbridge (1869) between the north and south banks of the Singapore River. The movement of vehicles along the streets of the city. The audience walks in the parks. Orchid species from the collection of exotic plants of the botanical garden.
S. Zagoskina
Film ID
, industry
, bypopulation
, nature reserves
, foreign countries
, agriculture
, zoological and botanical gardens
, trade
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
Scriptwriter A. Ivanov, Ch. Editor L. Fine-Hirsch, Editor A. Brook, Consultants Candidates of Geographical Sciences L. Kurakova, L. Prozorov
Release Date
Has Sound

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