Southern Federal District Day by Day

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Kinoalmanakh tells about the life of the Southern Federal District in the second half of 2004. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. Landscapes of mountains, sea. General view of the Zelenchuk Astrophysical Observatory. Interview with the director of the observatory Yu. Balega (sync.). Observatory staff at work. General view of the Dagestan aul Khunzakh and the border outpost. Border guards on alert. Tests of the Night Hunter helicopter designed at the Rostvertol plant. General view of the assembly shop at the enterprise. General view of the port "Kavkaz" on the Taman Peninsula and the ferry crossing. Ferry captain S.A. Cheremnykh in his office, walking along the pier, leading the ferry. 2 part. Director of the "House of the Family" of the city of Azov S. Korotonozhka tells (sinhr.) About the work of the subordinate municipal institution. Activities for children in the playroom. Classes of educators with children. Classes in the gym. The work of a masseuse. Types of Stavropol. Pupils of the cadet corps remove snow in the yard, study in classrooms, train in the gym, do ballroom dancing. Children living with their parents in the village of the stud farm. Budyonny near Salsk, work in the garden, go to school. Meeting of the teachers' council at the school. Competitions at school. Preparing performances of amateur performances by students of the school. Children by the fire with a teacher. 3 part. General view of the city of Rostov-on-Don, the Armenian Orthodox church Surb-Khach. Service in the temple. General view of the destroyed school number 1 in Beslan. The graves of the victims at the cemetery. General view of the city of Volgograd, "Red October" code. Production processes in the shops of the plant. General view of the city of Rostov-on-Don. Production processes in the shops of the Rostselmash plant. Assembling combines in the assembly shop of the plant. General view of the Tyoply Stan farm in the Krasnodar Territory: a household yard, a carpentry workshop, a mill, pasta production, the house of a farmer A.V. Shipulin. 4 part. Views of the Don River. Photographer K. Pashinyanza work: shoots, prints photos. General view of the city of Derbent, the fortress. Director of the open-air museum N. Kasumov talks about the city, View of the museum exhibits. Sea landscape. Types of the city of Rostov-on-Don. The motor ship sails along the river. Artist Oksana Begma at the easel. 5 part. General view of the city of Uryupinsk. Goats in the pasture, on the street of the city. Monument to the goat in Uryupinsk. Craftswomen knitting downy shawls. View of the city market. Types of Astrakhan. Workers of the production workshops "Transformation" are embroidering with beads. Type of finished products. Members of the military-historical club named after Ataman Platov in the classroom near the village of Starocherkasskaya on the Don. Meeting of club members with cadets.
V. Yuriev, S. Sleptsov, R. Rosenblit, N. Rogozhin, O. Ponomareva
Film ID
preschool education
, trade
, river transport
, club type institutions
, museums
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, school education
, situation of children
, rural settlements
, agricultural engineering
, sea transport
, monuments of history and architecture
, border troops
, peoples life
, food industry
, aviation industry
, christianity
, handicraft industry
, astronomy
, cities
, the photo
, act of terrorism
, farming
Number of Parts
A. Ternovoy, A. Myasnikov, V. Ukolov, G. Poytyan
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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