Soviet-Arab Friendship Grow Stronger

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A film about the economic, scientific, cultural, political ties between the USSR and the Arab countries was made by order of the Union of Soviet Societies for Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. Dam of the Euphrates hydroelectric power station. Soviet tourists visiting the hydroelectric power station. THE USSR. Moscow city. Institute Hydroproject. Chief Design Engineer of the Institute NA Malyshev gives interviews (synchronously). Chronicle footage dedicated to the construction of the Aswan hydropower plant in Egypt (ARE), A. Nasser is present. Construction of the Tartar-Euphrates irrigation canal in Iraq. Expansion works of the port of Latakia in Syria. Cadets of the Odessa Maritime School from the Republic of Yemen in the classroom. Students from Arab countries in the classroom at the Moscow Medical Institute. The rector of the institute YM Lopukhin gives interviews (synchronously). Members of the delegation of the Arab countries visiting the sights of Georgia, Tbilisi, Mtskheta. Jordan. Meeting in the Jordanian-Soviet Friendship Society. The Senate Building of Jordan. President of the Senate Bahjat Talhuni gives interviews in Arabic (synchronously). Uzbekistan. September 1980. Islamic conference in Tashkent. Mufti Ziyautdinhan and others are speaking. Chronicle: the territory of one of the Arab countries occupied by Israel. Fighting in the area of Mount Hermon. Mount Hermon. The destroyed city of Quneitra in Syria. Section of the state border between Syria and Israel. Palestine. The murdered villagers of Deir Yassin. The fighting of the Israeli armed forces. The destroyed Soviet cultural center in Damascus. Photo of the deceased teacher of the Russian language A.P. Kalinycheva. Literary evening at the Soviet cultural center of Damascus. Poet B. Latif reads poetry (synchronously in Arabic and behind the scenes). Squares and streets of the city of Madrasa. UN meeting. The Soviet delegation headed by A. A. Gromyko at the meeting. Israel. City of Jerusalem. Armed soldiers on the streets of the city. Scenery. Israeli-occupied Jordanian territory. Armed soldiers on the bridge. Palestinian refugee camps after the Israeli air raid: destruction, killed. Boys and girls are dancing with machine guns. Days of Soviet-Palestinian friendship in the USSR. M. Abbas and ZM Kruglova are present. Exhibition of Palestinian Artists in Moscow. Palestinian children are given toys. Soviet-Arab meetings in the Kremlin on March 3, 1978. Leonid Brezhnev is present. The signing of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the USSR and Syria. Present: Leonid I. Brezhnev, Hafez Assad, A. A. Gromyko, K. U. Chernenko, N. V. Ogarkov and others.
A. Pavlov
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economic communications
, scientific connections
, energy
, cultural connections
, museums
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, international organizations
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, professional education
, cities
, painting
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V. Nikonov
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