Soviet Army Combat Commander Three

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Celebrating Victory Day on May 9 in Severomorsk. Warships of the Northern Fleet at the pier. Solemn formation of sailors on a warship. Laying wreaths at the monument to the soldiers of the North Sea. Solemn march of the Northern Fleet sailors along the central square of Severomorsk. Exhibits of the Northern Fleet Museum, including photographs of Heroes of the Soviet Union B.F.Safonov, A.O. Shabalin, N.A.Lunin. Combat alert on the Marshal Timoshenko anti-submarine ship in connection with the start of exercises to search for and destroy a simulated enemy submarine. The sailors are at their battle stations and at the instruments. The commander of the mine-torpedo warhead three S. Kolesnikov checks the torpedo mechanisms. The torpedo cannon rotates; torpedoes fly out; moments of conditional combat. View of a submarine at sea. S. Kolesnikov and the sailors, after the end of the exercise, draw up the "Combat Leaflet". The officers have a rest in their free time. S. Kolesnikov plays the piano. The ship's deputy commander talks with S. Kolesnikov about sending him to study at the Naval Academy. S. Kolesnikov says goodbye to the officers, gets off the ship's ladder.
V. Shorokhov
Film ID
state holidays
, navy
, wall printing
Number of Parts
V. Frolenko
Other Creators
Text by A. Uvarov, music by V. Baev, sound by Y. Zorin
Release Date
Has Sound

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