Soviet Army Number 49 Brothers in Class - Brothers in Arms

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Newsreel. Hungarian internationalists, participants in the Civil War in Russia: Istvan Gunya, Tibor Samueli and others; Hungarian Revolution of 1918. AI Mikoyan presents awards to Geza Reves, Elek Bele, Istvan Guna. The battles for the city of Budapest. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War, participants in the liberation of Hungary from fascism: Hero of the Soviet Union S. A. Andryushchenko, S. P. Serykh, V. M. Grinev, A. I. Frolov, E. I. Karachun and others. Arrival in the USSR of a group of Hungarian officers led by Lieutenant Colonel Gunia - the son of Istvan Guni. Officers in the military unit that participated in the liberation of Budapest, conversation with SA Andryushchenko. Joint exercises of the Soviet-Hungarian tank forces in Hungary with the participation of the units of Major Minin and Lieutenant Colonel Guni. The movement of tanks, crossing the Danube river. Conversations between Soviet and Hungarian tank crews after exercises. Leonid I. Brezhnev presents the Order of Lenin to the pilot-cosmonaut V. Kubasov, the star of the Hero of the Soviet Union - to the Hungarian pilot-cosmonaut Bertalan Farkash after the completion of the joint Soviet-Hungarian space flight. Janos Kadar awards astronauts in Budapest.
M. Gavrilova
Film ID
military communications
, the second world war
, scientific connections
, revolutionary struggle
, awards
, cosmonautics
Number of Parts
I. Zaporozhsky, I. Osipov
Other Creators
Sound I. Voskresenskaya, script by V. Shishov, text by Y. Belchenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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