Soviet Army Number 8

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A boy runs along the river bank with a model airplane, looks into the sky. Airplanes in the sky. Personnel from the chronicle of the Second World War: military pilots: B. Safonov, Boris and Dmitry Glinka, A. Pokryshkin; air battle, a downed German plane falls. Kachin flight school. Building, territory. Cadets in theoretical and practical classes, in training flights. The plot is dedicated to Major General A. V. Chapaev - the son of Vasily Chapaev. Chronicle footage dedicated to V. Chapaev, footage of the chronicle of the Second World War: the hostilities of the Soviet infantry, artillery, broken German military equipment on the street of one of the cities. Major General A.V. Chapaev - commander of one of the formations of the missile forces, at military exercises, tries a soldier's lunch, talks with soldiers of the rocket crew, meets with fellow soldiers - veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the city of Yukhnov, walks with his daughter and granddaughter along the park alley in the city of Moscow. The USSR national ice hockey team at the World Ice Hockey Championship in Stockholm. CSKA team in training, CSKA team members - officers of the Soviet army in political classes, shooting, exercises. Among them: V. Lutchenko, V. Petrov, A. Firsov, V. Polupanov, A. Ragulin, V. Tretyak.
A. Vorontsov
Film ID
civil war
, the second world war
, leisure
, hockey
, professional education
, strategic missile forces
, cities
, ground troops
, a family
Number of Parts
Yu. Leonhardt, L. Maksimov, N. Soloviev
Other Creators
There is no data
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