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The photo. V. I. Lenin. Shooting the feature film "Lenin in Poland" at the Mosfilm studio together with Polish filmmakers. Director S. I. Yutkevich, cameraman Lyaskovsky are discussing the filming plan. Actor M. Strauch as V. I. Lenin. SI Yutkevich and screenwriter E. Gabrilovich are looking at photographs. A fragment from the film "Lenin in Poland". Congratulations to artist B. F. Andreev on his 50th birthday and 30th anniversary of creative activity. Fragments from feature films with B. Andreev: "Tractor drivers", "Big life", "Two fighters", "Big family", "The way to the pier". In a scene from the movie "Big Family" - actor A. Batalov. Newsreel: invitation ticket to the premiere of the film "Battleship Potemkin" at the "Khudozhestvenny" cinema in Moscow. Movie posters. Directed by S. Eisenstein, cameraman E. Tisse. Fragments from the film. Shooting of the feature film "The Third Youth" in Petrodvorets. Fountains of Petrodvorets. French director Jean Dreville, cameraman M. Kelber on the set. Filming artists: N. Cherkasov, M. Strizhenova, French actor Gilles Segal. Film set by the fountains. Ballet dancers are dancing. Shooting of the feature film "The Squadron Goes West" at the Odessa Film Studio. Directors: M. Bilinsky, Vingradovsky. Artists: G. Savchis, R. Khomyatov, N. Zinovieva on the set. Cameraman Zheleznyakov is filming. A fragment from the film. The city of Leningrad. Street. Posters. Shooting a comedy film at the Lenfilm studio "Today is a new attraction". Participating artists: M. Polbentseva, O. Koberilze, F. Ranevskaya, G. Sysoev, trainer Konstantinovsky, director N. Kosheverova.
L. Danilov, V. Katanyan
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V. Skorobogatova, M. Prudnikov
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