Soviet Cinema Number 5

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The city of Kiev. Street. Cinemas. All-Union Film Festival. Festival opening. Meeting of the actress T. Semina with the audience. The final day of the film festival. A. Golovnya is speaking; M. Kayumov presents diplomas to V. Lisakovich, A. Stolper. Photos from the films awarded with the prizes of the festival, "Lenin in Poland", "Morozko", "The City of Masters". Gorky Central Studio for Children and Youth Films in Moscow. Studio building. Filming pavilion. Shooting of the feature film "Girl - Life". The actress N. Sedykh is filming. Fragments from the film. Shooting of the Soviet-Bulgarian film "Running on the Waves". Director P. Lyubimov and cameraman Stoyan Zlychkin are testing the actors. Filming artists S. Lyubshin, M. Terekhova. Shooting of the feature film "No Password Needed". Actors S. Mamilov, M. Gluzsky make up. Director B. Grigoriev on the set. Fragments from the film. Filming of the film directed by M. Donskoy "Loyalty to Mother" in the pavilion of the film studio for children and youth films named after M. Gorky. Fragments from the film with R. Nakhapetov in the role of V. Ulyanov. M. Donskoy at the editing table. Shooting a feature film about the Great Patriotic War at the Defa film studio in the GDR. Artist M. Ulyanov is filming. Fragments from feature films with the participation of M. Ulyanov "They were the first", "Chairman". M. Ulyanov at the Vakhtangov Theater.
L. Danilov
Film ID
, cultural connections
, eastgermany
, cinema
Number of Parts
Yu. Buslaev, L. Mikhailov, V. Okunev, A. Pankin, V. Skorobogatova, I. Filatov, A. Krylov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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