Soviet Government Delegation in Liberia

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Moscow city. Seeing off at the airport of the Soviet government delegation consisting of A.P. Volkov, V.I.Bazykin, A.G. Myshkov, F.F. Molochkova. Liberia. City of Monrovia. Streets, monuments of the city. Meeting at the airport of the Soviet government delegation. Residents on the streets of the city during the celebration of the inauguration of President Tubman. Troops of the Liberian Army are on the street. Members of various delegations are passing through the festive procession. Among them: A. P. Volkov, V. I. Bazykin, A. G. Myshkov. They carry President Tubman and Vice President Tolbert through the streets. Tubman, Tolbert in national costumes are walking through the streets. Demonstrators are passing by. General view of Providence Island. Members of the delegation are sailing in a boat on the Mesurado River, go to the shore of the island. Members of the Soviet delegation visiting the rubber plantation of the American firm Firestone Robber Company. Workers collect rubber. City of Monrovia. Troop parade honoring the inauguration of President Tubman. A. P. Volkov, V. I. Bazykin, A. G. Myshkov congratulate the president and his wife in the palace. Seeing the Soviet government delegation at the airport.
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economic communications
, holidays
, river transport
, chemical industry
, everyday life
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, cities
, air transport
, plant growing
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A. Semin
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