Soviet Latvia Number 2

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The plot of the newsreel tells about the visit of the Latvian cultural workers' delegation to the cities of Switzerland within the framework of the festival of Latvian culture in Switzerland. The magazine uses the following filming: landscapes of the Italian canton of Ticino in Switzerland - mountains, towns surrounded by mountains (filmed from the movement of the train); general view of Lake Lugano, the mountains of Monte San Salvatore and Monte Bre; general view of the house in the suburb of Lugano, where the Latvian poet J. Rainis and his wife Aspazija lived during the emigration; the view of the monument to J. Rainis erected at the expense of the Latvian emigrants; a view of the building with a tower and the San Salvatore mountain in Lugano; members of the Latvian delegation during a walk along the embankment of the lake; views of the city of Basel - streets, houses with balconies entwined with flowers, a fountain with mechanical devices, from which water gushes, in one of Basel's squares, the movement of trams, cars; view of the house in Zurich, where Lenin lived in 1916, a memorial plaque on the house; posters with concerts of Latvian artists; General view of the concert hall in / Lausanne /, where artists from Latvia performed; performance of the folk dance ensemble (sinhr.), the audience applauds the artists, presents them with flowers and gifts; general view of the theater building in / Zurich /; performance at a gala evening dedicated to Latvian artists / USSR Ambassador to Switzerland / V. Lavrov, representatives of the Latvian Ministry of Culture, a representative of the Swiss parliament, children's choir performance (sinhr.); opening of an art exhibition within the framework of the festival of Latvian culture, visitors get acquainted with the paintings of Latvian artists; among those present, pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR, Hero of the Soviet Union Yu.N. Glazkov; view of one of the restaurants where the gastronomic art exhibition is taking place; articles in Swiss newspapers dedicated to the art of cooks from Latvia; girl-traffic controller on the street of one of the cities of Switzerland, the movement of trams, cars along the street; members of the Latvian delegation get acquainted with the sights of one of the cities of Switzerland, take pictures. buy souvenirs; a showcase with a clock in one of the stores; clocks-walkers of different types on the wall in the store; women walk their dogs along the city streets, one of the women is carrying a dog in a stroller; members of the Latvian delegation are photographed against the backdrop of one of the palaces.
M. Seleska
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I. Seleskis
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