Soviet Ukraine

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1 h. Forest, mountain, river, sea, city, industrial landscapes of Ukraine. Dnepr River. Tomb and monument to T. Shevchenko. Manufacturing processes in industry, agriculture. Chronicle: parade on Red Square, destruction in cities and villages of Ukraine after the Great Patriotic War. Work on the restoration of industrial enterprises. 2 hours. The movement of the train. Recovery work and production processes at the Zaporizhstal plant, Dnieper hydroelectric power station, Makeyevka metallurgical plant, Donbass mines. The city of Krasnodon. Mine No. 5. The grave of members of the Young Guard underground youth organization. O. Koshevoy's mother with the pioneers. L. M. Kaganovich in Donbass. 3 hours. Production processes at the Azovstal plant. Work on beet, corn, sunflower plantations. Heroes of Socialist Labor Mark Ozerny and Nadezhda Koshik in a corn field. The girls of Maria Lysenko's team work in the beet fields. Cities: Kharkov, Vinnitsa, Uzhgorod, Lvov, Stalino (Donetsk). 4 hours. City of Odessa. Sea port. Opera theatre. Monument to A.S. Pushkin. Museum of the partisan movement in the catacombs. Academician V.P. Filatov with a patient. The city of Kiev. Streets, squares, squares, parks, shops. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. Museums. Institutes: geology, electric welding. Academician Paton. University. 5 hours. The city of Kiev. Art Museum. Writers' Union of Ukraine. Present: Korneichuk, V. Vasilevskaya, P. Tychina. Theater them. Ivan Franko. Opera and Ballet Theater Shevchenko. Fragments of the opera "Zaporozhets beyond the Danube". Athletes parade at the stadium. Dnieper hydroelectric power station. Smelting pig iron at the Zaporizhstal metallurgical plant. 6 hours. Production processes in agriculture: harvesting grain, vegetables, fruits. PA Angelina on a tractor. Wedding in one of the villages of Transcarpathia. Harvest Festival.
M. Slutsky, G. Tasin
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, science
, industry
, transport
, relaxation
, everyday life
, literature
, museums
, entertainment
, agriculture
, cities
, geography
, art
Number of Parts
A. Krichevsky, J. Avdeenko, K. Bogdan, V. Voitenko
Other Creators
A. Shtogarenko, L. Pervomaisky, A. Kuznetsov, L. Khmara, D. Ovsyannikov, I. Renkov, M. Izrailev, music by Dm. And Dan. Pokrass
Release Date
Has Sound

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