Soviet Ural Number 1

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Anniversary melting of steel in the open-hearth workshops of Nizhniy Tagil, Verkh-Isetsky (Sverdlovsk), Izhevsk metallurgical plants, dedicated to the completion of the production of 100 million tons of steel in the USSR. The brigades of steelmakers A. Rastegaev, B. Plekhanov, G. Troinikov participate in the smelting. Tyumen region; base of polar explorers. The aircraft crew, headed by commander V. A. Tsutsaev, conducts reconnaissance of the movement of ice in the Arctic Ocean. Hydrologists mark the intelligence data on the map. Kurgan architects L. Skobeleva, Y. Veshchikov, V. Sukhanov are working on projects for the development of the regional center of Ketovo, the central estate of the Krasnaya Zvezda state farm. The economy of the Ilyich Bashkir collective farm. Livestock farm. Tractor drivers are taking feed to the farm. The city of Sverdlovsk. Classes at school for working youth number 18. Solemn meeting of teachers of students of school for working youth number 18, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the school. Awarding of honorary certificates to teachers. Production of canned meat, sausages in the shops of the Kurgan meat processing plant. The building of the Sverdlovsk telephone exchange. Telephone operators at work. Bashkiria. Motorcycle riders train before the World Motorcycle Racing Championship. Motorcyclists at a distance. Kurgan hunters hunt hares.
V. Brusnitsina
Film ID
, school education
, collective farms
, architecture
, arctic expeditions
, food industry
, telephone communications
, sports
, hunting
, air transport
, awards
Number of Parts
R. Lyaginskov, E. Milkov, V. Bobylev, I. Lukshin, A. Petrov, V. Zhelyabov, Yu. Sorokin
Other Creators
There is no data
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