Soviet Ural Number 18

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Chelyabinsk city. Pioneer drummers march on the square in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Pioneer Organization of the USSR. The city of Sverdlovsk. Photos of pioneer heroes, illustrations in the book, images: V. Kotik, P. Golikov, V. Dubinin, V. Korobkov, P. Morozov. Sverdlovsk region. Obelisk at the site of the murder of Pavlik Morozov. School, where he studied P. Morozov. Memorial plaque. P. Morozov's teacher ZA Kobina talks about Pavlik Morozov. Monument to P. Morozov. The city of Sverdlovsk. Pioneers collect scrap metal. Smelting pioneer metal at the plant. The city of Izhevsk. Moskvich cars with the Izhevsk Pioneer emblem made from pioneer scrap metal. Pioneers in the workshop of an automobile plant. The city of Sverdlovsk. Pioneers collect model airplanes in a technical circle. Master P. V. Dubrovsky teaches schoolchildren the art of wood inlay in a circle at the [House of Pioneers] in Chelyabinsk. Pioneer pilot of the Tyumen airport A. Parfenov with the pioneers in the cockpit. Children's amateur film studio in Sverdlovsk. The studio participants are discussing the script, filming, editing, a fragment of the film "Still Life" about the ballet studio of the House of Pioneers. Udmurtia. School forestry "Herringbone". The city of Sverdlovsk. Military-patriotic game "Zarnitsa". The city of Sverdlovsk. International Friendship Club of the Palace of Pioneers.
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out-of-school education
, metallurgy
, school education
, air transport
, childrens organizations
, sculpture
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