Soviet Ural Number 3-4

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The plot of the magazine is dedicated to the holding of the First All-Union Festival of Non-Fiction Films in October 1988 in Sverdlovsk. The magazine includes the following filming: 1 part. Views of the city of Sverdlovsk, residents of the city on the streets, the movement of trams and vehicles along the streets of the city. Meeting participants and guests of the festival at the airport; among them: the first secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR A. Smirnov, film director M. Goldovskaya and others. View of the cinema "Salute", where the screening of competitive films. Discussion of films and problems of cinematography in the House of Cinema; among the participants in the discussion - spectators, film critics. A. Smirnov's speech. Fragments of the films "The Wall" directed by I. Goldstein, banned by the State Film Agency for screening, the film "Old Grass" directed by V. Solomin, the film "Terrible Games of the Young" directed by Khisamov. People on the streets of the city express their opinion about documentary films (sinhr.). The audience in the foyer of the House of Cinema. 2 part. The jury members of the festival are watching the competition film. Spectators in the hall express their opinion about the films they watched (sinhr.). Views of the city of Sverdlovsk on the Constitution Day on October 7th. View of slogans and banners on the streets of the city. Fragments of the film "Secret Vote" directed by B. Kustov and the film "Islands" directed by R. Gevorkyan. Discussion at the festival of the theme of freedom of creativity and the problems of film distribution. (sync.). General view of the hall and the presidium at the closing ceremony of the festival. Awarding the prize-winners of the festival. View of the building of the cinema "Soviet Ural".
L. Ionova
Film ID
, urban transport
, cinemas
, automobile transport
, state holidays
, cities
Number of Parts
V. Monastyrsky, M. Kuzmich, O. Ivanov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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