Soviet Warrior Number 123

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The city of Leningrad. Monument at the Piskarevskoye cemetery. Eternal flame. Newsreel. The city of Leningrad during the blockade: an antiaircraft gun, militiamen are passing by, residents are gathering water, weighing bread, a coffin is being carried on a sled, a burning house. Lieutenant General MP Dukhanov recalls breaking the blockade (synchronously). The offensive of the Soviet troops in January 1943: gunfire, explosions, soldiers of the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts embracing. Participants in the breakthrough of the blockade lay wreaths at the monument to the fallen soldiers. Design Bureau of the Kirov Plant. Former warriors from Leningrad are working: G.V. Kudryavtsev, Schegoloev, Vorobiev, Egorov. Former soldiers-tankers, pilots, artillerymen work in the shops of the Electrosila plant. Retired Colonel Vitchenko in the shop with his students. A former fighter pilot P.A.Pokryshev is working at the Leningrad airport. Training cruise of anti-submarine defense ships. The officers are at the card, the acoustician is at the device. The regiment commander, Lieutenant-Commander Kurochkin, announces a combat alert. Bombers are shooting, a torpedo shell is flying, bombs are dropped, an explosion on the water, waves. Ship at sea. Winter forest. Warriors-railroad workers pave the way in the forest. Soldiers are sawing trees. The bulldozer is knocking down a tree. The machines are clearing the snow. Unloading and laying of sleepers. Soldiers warm their hands by the fire. Demonstration of members of the Italian Resistance Movement in Genoa, dedicated to the memory of those who fell in the fight against fascism. Tombstone on the grave of the Soviet soldier F. A. Poletaev. Filming about the life of F. A. Poletaev: the painting "The Feat of Poletaev", the village of Katino in the Ryazan region, where he was born and raised, a childhood friend - holder of the Orders of Glory Solomatin tells children about F. A. Poletaev. The postman hands over a letter to the wife of the hero M. N. Poletaeva. The Poletayev family in the USSR Ministry of Defense is received by Marshal A. A. Grechko and General of the Army A. A. Epishev. Awards: from the USSR and Italy. Speech by Poletaev's son (synchronously). F.A. Poletaev's awards.
N. Solovyova
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, international connections
, postal communication
, navy
, mechanical engineering
, landscapes
, special troops
, electrical industry
, painting
Number of Parts
L. Mikhailov, G. Serov, A. Sarantsev, O. Lebedev, Yu. Leongardt, L. Pankin, M. Popova, E. Fedyaev
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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