Soviet Warrior Number 325

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Rally and laying wreaths at the monument to the heroes "Shironintsy" near the village of Taranovka on the 20th anniversary of the battle. Young soldiers meet with the Hero of the Soviet Union - the former commander of the regiment, Colonel Bilyutin. Reserve lieutenant P.N. Shironin, whose platoon defended the crossing, tells the soldiers about the battle. Combat training. Solemn formation and awarding of the Shironin Cup to Lieutenant Maksimov's platoon. The building of the Artillery Command Academy. Listeners in the classroom study communications, electronics, in the classroom in the office of Marxism-Leninism, control fire at a miniature training ground. Winter forest. Scouts in the forest. A tank, an armored personnel carrier is going by. The soldiers are on skis in ambush. Attack. Suppression of the "enemy" firing point in the bunker. Soldiers skiers comb the forest. Cadets of the Higher Aviation School in the classroom in the parachute class. The lesson is conducted by the head of the school's parachute service, master of sports, lieutenant colonel I. I. Savkin. Listeners in the ranks at the airport, board the plane, make jumps. Parachutists in the air. I.I.Savkin makes his 3620 jump in a group of 3 people with smoke bombs and a prolonged opening of the parachute. Landing. Congratulations. Competitions for the championship of the USSR Armed Forces in slalom and downhill skiing on the slopes of Mount Elbrus. Mountain landscape. Skiers are getting ready for the start, crossing the cableway. Start. Skiers on the track. Judges. Spectators. Winners: Master of Sports, Private of the Ural Military District Porukaev and Representative of the Moscow Air Defense District, Master of Sports, Sergeant Kuraev.
K. Eggers
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, higher professional education
, air force
, skiing
, landscapes
, armed forces
Number of Parts
L. Mikhailov, G. Serov, O. Lebedev, I. Filatov, N. Shmakov, Yu. Leongardt, E. Fedyaev, E. Mukhin
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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