Soviet Warrior Number 8

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June 22, 1941 German planes are flying. The railway station, the house is on fire. Evacuation of industrial enterprises to the East. Harvesting grain in the fields. Work in mines and oil fields. Fundraising for the country's defense fund. Tanks and airplanes made with the personal savings of the Soviet people. Assembly of aircraft, tanks, production of shells at the enterprises of the country. Shooting "Katyushas", there are tanks. The pilots of the aviation unit in the exercises, in the simulator. Flight map. Command post. Aircraft in the air. House of military books in Moscow. Shoppers at the counters. General A. A. Epishev congratulates the authors of the awarded books and presents them with gifts. Among them are V. Kozhevnikov, A. Adamovich, A. Kuleshov, V. Karpov, L. Reshetnikov, G. Markov. G. Markov, V. Kozhevnikov are speaking. The tourist base of the USSR Ministry of Defense on the shores of Lake Borovoe. Vacationers go boating, fishing, traveling along the Shirne River, swimming, water skiing, playing basketball and chess. Individual championship of the USSR in motocross near the town of Tayasi in Latvia. Start of motocross. Racers on the track. Spectators. A racer near a broken motorcycle. Finish. Awarding of the winners S. Janiku and J. Anvis.
I. Greek
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, industry
, relaxation
, air force
, literature
, trade
, awards
, motorcycling
Number of Parts
I. Osipov, V. Frolenko, A. Vorontsov, S. Kiselev, G. Indrikson, O. Kotovich
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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