Soviet Warrior Number 931

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Radars. Service of Soviet soldiers at the radar station. Study: signalmen at the instruments, plot the target course on the tablet. Interaction of signalmen with fighter pilots. Training of fighter pilots. Takeoff. Aircraft in the air. Performing aerobatics. Landing after combat training. The sun sets over the horizon. Radars are working. Yugoslavia. The city of Skoplje before the earthquake. Ruined buildings, ruins of houses after the earthquake on July 26, 1963. Victims. Soviet soldiers carry out work to clean up the city, rescued by them residents. The soldier holds the boy in his arms. A visit to Skopje by the head of the Soviet government, NS Khrushchev. Residents greet NS Khrushchev. Combat exercises of tankers. In connection with the departure to study at the institute, the tank commander, Sergeant V.A.Tarasov, hands over his car to Private Petrov. Farewell to friends. The building of the Gorky State Agricultural Institute. V. Tarasov is taking the exam. The examiner marks the mark. Student V. Tarasov in the classroom at the institute. Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. Speech by army athletes at the 3rd Spartakiad of the peoples of the Soviet Union. Government lodge. The rocket takes off. Paratroopers over the stadium, landing. Spectators. Discus throw. Basketball players. Boxers in the ring. Captain-engineer Y. Vlasov is lifting the barbell. Officer V. Prakhov won the race, Sergeant Boykov won the marathon. Cyclists on the track. Army athletes are cups. The Red Banner ensemble of the Soviet Army under the leadership of Aleksandrov is preparing for a tour to Italy and France. Soloist Yuri Belyaev performs (synchronously) Blanter's song "Before the long journey." A sailor's dance is being performed.
A. Vorontsov
Film ID
higher professional education
, air force
, sports
, international connections
, natural disasters
, artistic collectives
, landscapes
, special troops
Number of Parts
O. Artseulov, V. Khodyakov, A. Vakurova, A. Vorontsov, P. Opryshko
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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