Soviet Warrior Number 943

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Celebrating Tanker Day at the Central Theater of the Soviet Army in Moscow. Present: P. A. Rotmistrov, K. K. Rokossovsky and others. Belarusian Military District. Tank training center of one of the military units. The movement of tanks at the tankodrome. Chelyabinsk Higher Aviation School. Cadets of the school in training flights, in theoretical classes at the school, training. Skydiving. Aircraft at the airfield, in the air. Bulgaria. Demonstration in the city of Sofia to mark the 20th anniversary of the socialist revolution. Military parade. One of the units of the Bulgarian People's Army. General B. Gyanos presents awards to soldiers. Zhukovsky Air Force Academy in Moscow. Cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, P. Popovich, A. Nikolaev, G. Titov, V. Bykovsky in the classroom. Moscow. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR P. Popovich is receiving voters. Moscow region. Star City. Cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, G. Titov with their wives and children. CSKA Stadium. The CSKA ice hockey team in training. Coach A. Tarasov gives interviews (synchronously). Among the athletes: V. Alexandrov, E. Ivanov, N. Sollogubov, A. Almetov, K. Loktev.
K. Eggers
Film ID
standard of living
, land units
, general issues
, hockey
, professional education (higher)
, armed forces
, a family
Number of Parts
A. Krylov, E. Mukhin, I. Sokolnikov, Yu. Korovkin, O. Pankov, A. Shikin, M. Oshurkov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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