Soyuzkinozhurnal № 11-12

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Part I. 1 plot. Chronicle footage of 1918: Ukrainian villages are burning, German troops are marching through the streets of Kiev. Armed detachments of the Red Guard sit in the train carriages. The train goes to the front. Speech by M. I. Kalinin before the soldiers of the 1st Cavalry Army, he presents the battle banner to S. M. Budyonny. The entry of Soviet troops into Kiev. 2 plot. Offensive battles of the Red Army in Ukraine, Donbass and Kuban: attack by tanks, infantry, aviation, artillery. 3 plot. MI Kalinin presents the Order of Suvorov to Marshal of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukov, Marshals Vasilevsky, K.K.Rokossovsky, A.A. Novikov and other military leaders. 4 plot. Soldiers of the Death to Fascism partisan detachment mine a railway line. Explosion of the German train. Part II. 1 plot. The collective farmers of Turkmenistan donate their savings to the fund of the Red Army, the Chuvash collective farmers pack parcels with food for the front, the workers of the Kirov plant hand over a column of tanks to the Red Army. 2 plot. Departure Dubosekovo, where 28 Panfilov guardsmen stopped and destroyed 50 German tanks. Opening of the monument to General Panfilov in the city of Frunze. 3 plot. Types of Leningrad. Units of the Red Army go to the combat positions of the Leningrad Front. The solemn oath of the soldiers at the grave of A. V. Suvorov.
I. Kopalin
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, civil war
, combat actions of soviet troops
, rewarding
, help to the front
, cities
, defense industry
Number of Parts
A. Schekutyev, M. Livshits, I. Vainerovich, I. Belyakov, M. Berov, A. Bratukha, V. Zaitsev, B. Makaseev, I. Sokolnikov, S. Fried, A. Elbert, G. Bobrov, A. Borkovsky, I. Kolsanov
Other Creators
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