Soyuzkinozhurnal № 11474

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War veterans claiming benefits stand on a street in Washington DC. Armed soldiers and tanks on a city street. Tombstones in the cemetery. Unemployed on the streets (USA). The locomotive is passing by the railroad. Electrified railway wires on the Baku-Sabunchi section. An electric locomotive with passenger cars leaves the station. Building and assembly shop for electric locomotives at the Dynamo plant. The electric locomotive leaves the shop. A laboratory assistant at the Hammer and Sickle plant express laboratory conducts metal analysis. An employee of the Hammer and Sickle plant LF Skobeleva, awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, at work in the shop and at home. Englishman Thomas Monger, the first foreigner to be awarded a Soviet Order, with his wife and children at the table during lunch. Order book of T. Monger. Middle Volga region. Members of the delegation of the three republics of the Transcaucasus get acquainted with the economy of the collective farm. Lenin. Ukraine. Women and children are husking corn cobs, preparing grain for sowing. The commanders of one of the regiments are loading manure onto a cart, delivering feed to cows and pigs. Loading pigs onto a truck. A group of athletes runs along the highway. A man sows grass on a football field at a Moscow stadium.
B. Nebylickiy
Film ID
railroad transport
, foreign countries (usa)
, mechanical engineering
Number of Parts
Belyakov, Pisanko, Tsiporin, Bezvykonnaya
Other Creators
assistant dir. - A. Samoilova
Release Date
No Sound

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