Soyuzkinozhurnal № 13476

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Loading boxes on a ship in the Novorossiysk port. Collection of movers. One of the members of the presidium reads an appeal to the government to issue a loan for the second five-year plan. Leningrad region. Power lines. The building of the power plant on peat Nevdubstroy. Installation of a rolling mill at the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. Turkmenistan. Peasants carry out manual sowing in the field of the collective farm. Enchantment of the Great. Harrowing the earth with camels. Tractor in the field. The writer M. S. Shaginyan reads her story. Mountain landscape. Book M. Shahinyan "Hydrocentral". Hydroelectric power station on a mountain river. M. Shahinyan is reading at his desk at home. Dilapidated houses in the urban Jews quarter in Derbent. Jewish children are playing in the courtyard of the house. A Jewish family enters the entrance of the house. A woman lays a path in the room and brings a samovar. People are breaking down old houses. The Red Army men attack a "white" officer firing a machine gun (staged); study an optical rifle at the Osoaviakhim school; in practical training (the target is the head of a fascist). Icebreaker Krasin in the ice off the coast of Novaya Zemlya. Loading snowmobiles, winterers near the sleds.
B. Nebylickiy
Film ID
fuel industry
, bonds
, sea transport
, metallurgical industry
, national policy
, agriculture
, fiction
Number of Parts
Davidson, Grigor, Mazruho, Donets
Other Creators
assistant dir. -BUT. Samoilov
Release Date
No Sound

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