Soyuzkinozhurnal № 47-48

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Part I (silent version) 1st plot. Glorious masters of Soviet art. View of the Presidium of the Committee for Stalin Prizes in Literature and Art, headed by the chairman of the Committee, film director A. Dovzhenko. View of the hall where cultural figures are present. A. Dovzhenko presents diplomas of Stalin Prize laureates: composer A. Khachaturian, sculptor V. Mukhina, film director I. Pyrev, opera singer A.S. Pirogov, writer A. Serafimovich, n.a. USSR - O.L. Knipper-Chekhova, M. Tarkhanov, A. Nezhdanova, cameramen - V. Mikosha, D. Rymarev, I. Belyakov. Among those present in the hall is the children's writer A.L. Barto et al. 2nd plot. The country is harvesting a war crop. Wheat harvesting on the collective farm named after Ivko Plastunovsky district of Krasnodar region. The harvester of the 2nd shock brigade works in a field near the river. Machine operator Yelena Tsokur at the wheel of a tractor, which is driving a combine. A unit of anti-aircraft gunners at their anti-aircraft gun in a field where the harvest is in progress. Female collective farmers on a combine are raking straw with shovels. Grain is falling. A collective farm woman rakes up grain in the back of a truck. A harvester working in the field moves past an anti-aircraft gun; steering wheel Galina Savchenko waving her hand to the anti-aircraft gunners. Workers of the 2nd field-cultivation brigade of the collective farm harvest the crops by hand: with sickles and scythes. Women collective farmers are mowing the wheat crop with scythes; among them is Nina Gordienko. Raisa Nosulya and others. Collective farmers mow wheat, knit it in sheaves, and lay the sheaves in heaps. 3rd plot. Turkmen SSR. Female collective farmers of one of the farms of Turkmenistan harvest wheat by hand. There is a camel caravan with grain of the new harvest. One of the collective farmers rides a camel, leading a grain caravan heading for a procurement station; a collective farmer holds a banner in her hands, the other a tambourine. Young collective farmers - girls and boys are riding on one of the carts of the caravan. A camel caravan walks along one of the streets of Ashgabat, camels carry grain in carts. 4th plot. Abroad. Taking Pantelleria. British warships at sea. British planes in the sky. The crew members of one of the warships observe the situation at sea and in the air from the deck. British naval officer looks through binoculars. Pantelleria Island on the horizon. British warships are firing from naval guns on the island. Explosions on the island from explosions of shells fired from British naval guns and during aerial bombardments. British ships in the harbor at the port of Pantelleria. British troops land ashore. British military equipment is preparing to launch ashore. British tank moves through the city; British soldiers stand against the backdrop of dilapidated urban buildings. British troops pass by the destroyed city buildings, damaged by the bombing. Columns of captured Italian soldiers walk with white flags against the backdrop of destroyed city buildings. A view of wrecked cars and columns of British troops, which pass against the background of destroyed houses. Captured Italian soldiers sit against the wall, a white flag flutters; British soldier escort watching the prisoners. Local residents of Pantelleria are walking through the city. Raising the British flag to the mast. British soldiers salute the raising of the flag. 5th plot. Film report from the fronts of the Patriotic War. On the Oryol direction. Airplanes in the sky. Soviet plane in the air, firing. Katyusha guards rocket mortars fire from behind a hillock at the enemy during offensive battles near the village of Staritsa, Ulyanovsk District, Oryol Region. The tankers are watching the fire from the Katyushas. The commander of the 27th Guards Rifle Regiment Nikolai Vasilyevich Kharchenko with a group of commanders at the regiment's observation post. Tanks of the 2nd Guards Heavy Tank Regiment go on the offensive against the enemy's Oryol grouping. General view of the positions of the units of the 11th Guards Rifle Division of the 11th Army under the command of I.Kh. Baghramyan. Soviet tanks go on the offensive against enemy positions. Panorama across the battlefield. The corpses of the Nazis. A tank is moving by, followed by a Soviet submachine gunner. Smoke from explosions. Type of anti-tank "hedgehogs". A horse-drawn team with soldiers and a machine gun drives through the forest, changing the firing position, followed by another horse-drawn team with soldiers of the artillery crew and a 45-mm gun. The soldiers are walking through the forest, carrying a Maxim machine gun, crossing a stream in the forest, crossing the river along thrown logs. The commander watches the crossing. The Nazi with raised hands goes under escort along the trench, climbs the parapet. The soldiers are leading another prisoner of the Nazis. The captured Nazis. Destroyed German self-propelled gun and other military equipment. A group of Soviet soldiers passes by. View of the captured German position by Soviet troops: a panorama of the trench with shells and the corpse of one of the Nazis. Soviet soldiers inspecting trophies. British armored personnel carrier "Universal" with soldiers drives along the street of the village of Ulyanovo, liberated from the Nazis. General view of the destroyed houses in the village. A sign on a building in a village with the NDP on it. language: "ORTSKOMENDATR" and Russian: COMMENDATURA No. 101. Signpost with an inscription on the fence in the village: "FELDJENDARMERIE". Trucks with military men drive along the street of the village. View of a rural temple with a ruined dome. The soldiers, sitting in the back of a truck, communicate with the population of the village of Ulyanovo: women and children. A woman holds a little boy in her arms, says something. A teenage boy reads a leaflet to villagers who are standing around listening to a panorama along the street of the village of Klen. Residents of the village stand by the fence and watch the ceremony of awarding the soldiers of the 27th Guards Rifle Regiment of the 11th Rifle Division under the command of Major General Ivan Fedorovich Fedyunkin. In the foreground there is a sign with the inscription “KLEN” in German. Among those present is the deputy commander of the division, Lieutenant Colonel Plotnikov. Major General I.F. Fedyunkin presents the Order of the Red Star to the Red Army soldier Gapar Igamberdiev (born in 1913, Uzbek SSR, Babskiy RVK, Namangan region). Lieutenant Colonel [Plotnikov] pins the Order of the Red Veil to Senior Lieutenant [Mikhail Filippovich [Teryukhanov] (born 1905, Ryazan) - company commander of the PTR of the 27th Infantry Regiment; among the awardees in the frame is a Red Army soldier [Dmitry Matveyevich Builov] (born in 1924, Velikie Luki Region, village Borodilovo), awarded the medal "For Military Merit". Major General IF Fedyunkin presents the Order of the Red Star to the guard sergeant [Mikhail Yakovlevich Petrukhin] (born in 1911 Bashkir ASSR, Belebey RVK) - the commander of the rifle squad of the 27th regiment. Residents of the village of Klen watch the ceremony. Pointer with NDP "d. SOROKINO" MINED. The tractor drives past the sign; soldiers are sitting on a tractor that is carrying an artillery gun. The truck is driving behind the tractor. Part II (not a complete sound version) A film report from the fronts of the Patriotic War. The offensive of our troops in the Oryol direction. Bryansk Front, July 1943. Dawn over the river. A panorama of the ears of wheat in the field. Soldiers of the 8th Infantry Division of the 13th Army in the trench, are monitoring the positions of the enemy. A panorama of the barbed wire fence at the front. Soldiers in the trench. One of the soldiers prepares grenades for battle. The soldiers in the trench light up a cigarette, waiting for the order to start the attack. Signal flare in the sky above the positions. Artillery preparation before the offensive. Heavy guns are hitting. The senior lieutenant, standing in the trench, looks at the enemy's positions, the fighters are sitting next to them, then the fighters rise to their full height in the trench, preparing for the attack. The senior lieutenant looks through binoculars, then blows his whistle, giving the command to the fighters to start the attack. Fighters from the trench go on the offensive, overcoming barbed wire. Smoke from artillery shell explosions. Submachine gunners go on the attack. Volleys of rocket launchers - "Katyusha". Commanders: captain and senior lieutenant at the observation post. Signal operator at the phone The senior lieutenant looks at his watch. The captain gives the signal from the rocket launcher to start the attack. Signal flare in the sky. A fighter from the reeds on the river conducts observation, then whistles, gets up from the reeds with a rifle and runs. The soldiers are crossing the river. Explosions on the river from the shelling of Soviet artillery. Soldiers are ferried on rafts across the river. Artillery crew at 152 mm howitzer. The commander commands "Fire!" The weapon fires. A panorama of the battlefield in the smoke from shell explosions. A Soviet tank of the 129th Separate Tank Brigade of the 13th Army is leaving the forest with a landing of armored submachine gunners, moving across the field. Tanks of Captain [Loboda] of the 129th Tank Brigade under the command are going on the offensive. Machine gunners under the cover of tanks go on the attack. Soldiers run along the ridge with a light machine gun. The submachine gunners, hiding from the shots, go on the attack, during the battle for one of the settlements. Soviet planes take to the sky. View of a burning German dugout. The corpse of a Nazi. View of the German artillery piece and ammunition thrown by the Nazis during the retreat. General view of a German howitzer, past which a Soviet submachine gunner runs. Soviet submachine gunners, who took up enemy positions, run through the trenches that were thrown by the Germans, are fighting for one of the settlements. The captured Nazis come out of cover with their hands up, Soviet soldiers escort them. The nest of a German machine gun on the thatched roof of a hut. A Soviet submachine gunner, hiding near a brick wall of a building, throws a grenade into the fascist's machine-gun nest. An explosion on the roof, where a German machine gunner sat down. General view of burning houses in the village. A car with 2 soldiers accompanying a seriously wounded man is driving along the road. A nurse leads the wounded soldier, followed by horse teams that transport the wounded.
M. Fideleva
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, bryansk front
, italy
, tanks
, rewarding
, corpses and graveyards of fascists
, air force
, settlements
, trophiessoviet armies
, agriculture
, agitation and propaganda
, artillery
, children of the war
, cities
, great britain
, liberated occupations
Number of Parts
I. Belyakov, D. Sholomovich, V. Lavrov, R. Carmen, A. Krylov, E. Lozovsky, B. Nebylickiy, A. Gaft, F. Leontovich, E. Mukhin, Ya.Marchenko, A. Solodkov, A. Frolov
Other Creators
sound engineer V. Nesterov, music design by D. Shtilman
Release Date
Has Sound

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