Soyuzkinozhurnal № 5504

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Participants of the Ural-Moscow ski race. Skiers are approaching the finish line. The winners of the race talk with the military. Awarding the winners with a gold watch. Kazan city. Red Army soldiers from the Far East, making the Irkutsk-Moscow run, move along the city street. Moscow city. General view of Red Square. The participants of the rally enter Red Square. The military greets the participants of the rally, saluting. Build skiers on Red Square. Moscow city. Training sessions of the squadron at the central airfield. The city of Novorossiysk. EPRON ships at sea. Divers are preparing to dive into the sea. A banner with the slogan: "The Epronovites of Novorossiysk promise to raise the Zhenerosa as a gift to the XVII Party Congress. Descent of the diver into the sea. Raise of the Generosa ship. Crew members inspect the Generosa steamer raised from the bottom. The Generoza steamer is towed to the port. The city of Kazan. Sergeant Major Abdulin, who remained in the army for long-term service, conducts a practical lesson with the soldiers, reads a book in his room, performs on stage with members of an amateur choreographic group, plays the piano. City of Moscow. Meeting at the railway station of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland I. Beck, who arrived in Moscow on an official visit. Among the greeters - People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs of the USSR M. M. Litvinov. I. Beck and his wife get into the car. I. Beck visits the House of the Red Army, accompanied by the plenipotentiary representative of Poland in the USSR Lukasiewicz ...
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club type institutions
, sea transport
, skiing
, political connections
, artistic activities
, diplomatic relations
, professional education
, railway transport
, air transport
, ground troops
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K. N. Pisanko, M. M. Glider, I. I. Belyakov, A. D. Kairov, B. I. Manevich, B. Kharkevich, K. F. Motkov, R. L. Carmen, Sidelnikov
Other Creators
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