Soyuzkinozhurnal № 58-59

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1 plot. Departure of the passenger train Moscow-Kharkov from the Kursk railway station. 2 plot. Coal mining in the mines of Kuzbass: miners of the mine them. Kirov at work. 3 plot. Muscovites harvest vegetables along the Zvenigorodskoe highway, where there are vegetable gardens. 4 plot. Allied landing on the southeastern coast of Sicily. Italian soldiers surrender. Cars with allied troops are passing through the streets of the city of Avola. The people of Syracuse welcome the allies. Combat operations of the troops of the 8th British Army. 5 plot. Leningrad front. A group of cameramen goes to the shooting of the liberated Peterhof. View of the destroyed buildings in Peterhof. 6 plot. View of the city of Rylsk, destroyed by the German invaders. The release from captivity of Soviet citizens held in a camp in the village of Khomrovka. 7 plot. Views of the city of Glukhov. The population welcomes the Red Army units. The partisans are walking along the streets of the city. 8 plot. The city of Artemovsk. A column of tanks drives through the city street.
I. Setkin
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, fuel industry
, combat actions of soviet troops
, allied forces
, cities
, railway transport
Number of Parts
K. Kutub-Zade, M. Sukhova, G. Tsvetkov, J. Blueberg, B. Maksimovich, I. Malov, A. Sof'in, A. Kazakov, M. Poselsky, G. Ostrovsky, M. Goldstein
Other Creators
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