Soyuzkinozhurnal № 76-77

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1 plot. Views of Moscow. Anti-aircraft installations on the roofs of houses. N-sky mortar plant. Ready mortars, shells. 2 plot. Types of Leningrad. Streets, buildings, barricades, obstacles. Red Army soldiers are carrying balloons through the streets. 3 plot. Workshop of the "Red October" factory. Workers packing gifts for the fighters. 4 plot. Collecting cotton on the collective farms of the Tajik SSR. A wagonload of bread from the Sovetskaya Derevnya collective farm in the Gorky Region moves along the road. Amur fishermen pull nets with a rich catch of fish. 5 plot. Shiimbaevsk oil fields. Oil is pouring down the channel. The railroad tank cars are filled with oil. 6 plot. Theological coal mines. Open pit coal mining. Coal moves along a conveyor belt. Compositions with coal. 7 plot. Artillery Plant. Stalin. Work on the assembly of tools in the shop of the plant. 8 plot. Mountain landscape of the Caucasus. The ascent of the unit to the mountains. Installation of an artillery gun on the site. Artillery and mortar fire. Highlanders enroll as volunteers in the Red Army, receive weapons. 9 plot. Troops pass through one of the settlements. Street fighting in Stalingrad. Tank and infantry attack.
I. Setkin
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, fuel industry
, fishing
, battle of stalingrad
, help to the front
, agriculture
, crop production
, cities
, defense industry
, battle caucasus
Number of Parts
I. Belyakov, N. Blazhkov, M. Glider, E. Milkov, V. Tomberg, A. Kairov, A. Kaznacheev, V. Petrov, D. Ibragimov, G. Ostrovsky, V. Orlyankin, B. Shadronov
Other Creators
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