Soyuzkinozhurnal Number 10

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Bryansk Front, January, 1943. The offensive of Soviet troops in the Voronezh direction from 3 directions: from the north, from the east and from the south. Actions in a combat situation scouts, tankers, machine gunners, machine gunners, Soviet artillery. Pilots from the assault aviation unit of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General of Aviation Ivan Gavrilovich Pyatykhin, are preparing to take off. The commanders of the Bryansk Front, headed by Colonel-General Maksim Andreyevich Reiter (real name Martins), discuss the plan for the upcoming operation; examine the map; Among those present: a member of the Armed Forces of the front, Major General of Tank Forces Ivan Zakharovich Susaykov, Divisional Commissar Major General Afanasy Petrovich Pigurnov, Chief of Staff Major General Leonid Mikhailovich Sandalov. The liberated settlements of Volovo and Kastornoye: destroyed buildings, smoke from conflagrations. The burnt bodies of Soviet soldiers captured by the Nazis in the village. Castor. A group of Soviet fighters at the place where the house of the collective farmer Semizorov stood, which the Germans burned down together with the owner. Semizorov's wife, his son and Soviet soldiers in the ashes of the house. Captured fortifications and equipment of the Nazis. The corpses of the Nazis. Column of prisoners of war Norwegians; among them is Lieutenant Jacob Esser.
R. Gikov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, cities
, combat actions of soviet troops
Number of Parts
A. Gaft, R. Gikov, Y. Marchenko, A. Solodkov, Y. Monglovsky, M. Prudnikov. I. Tagi-Zade
Other Creators
V. Nesterov, M. Slavinskaya, D. Astrodantsev,
Release Date
Has Sound

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