Soyuzkinozhurnal Number 108

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1 plot. The ceremonial meeting in the CDKA in honor of the 20th anniversary of the First Cavalry Army: the audience applauded, Shchadenko speaks, in the presidium Shchadenko, Kulik, Godovikov, S.M. Budyonny. 2 plot. Extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR (Kiev): P. I. Franko speaks, listen to the representatives of Western Ukraine, in the box N. Khrushchev and S. K. Timoshenko. 3 plot. Pre-election meeting of the Lenin constituency in Moscow: Stakhanovka Murinin speaks, Hero of the Soviet Union G. P. Kravchenko, spectators are listening. 4 plot. Professor of the eye clinic in Rostov-on-Don K. Kh. Orlov operates on a patient, reads in his office. 5 plot. The Komsomol brigade of Novorossiysk port loaders unloads the Volgo-Don steamer. 6 plot. Harvesting beets on the collective farm "Kaerma" (Kyrgyzstan): working collective farmer Sultanbekova, 70-year-old Turgunbaev and Telepov, going carts with beets. 7 plot. The grand opening of the children's railway named after Gorky: children and railroad workers at a meeting, the driver Zhenya German is given flowers, the train is on the way, the Schastlivaya station is in the distance.
N. Karmazinsky, M. Fideleva
Film ID
vegetable growing
, sea transport
, power is regional
, health care
, railway transport
, red army
, electoral system
225, 9
Number of Parts
There is no data
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