Soyuzkinozhurnal Number 2501

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1syuzh. -Leningrad. Testing a new turbine at the plant. Stalin. Workers in training sessions; hand over the technical minimum in the shop of the plant. 2syuzh. - Participants of the meeting of shock workers of the Debaltsevsky junction of the Catherine railway in the hall during the meeting. Performance of the best lubricant of the USSR Nagorny. Greetings from the pioneers. The members of the political department of the railway are packing their things for the bonuses of the drummers. 3syuzh. - Building and production shops of the Moscow meat processing plant. LM Kaganovich and AI Mikoyan get acquainted with the equipment of the meat processing plant. 4syuzh. - Dnipropetrovsk region. Collective farmers with. Khortytsya receive receipts for the delivery of bread in the cooperative and purchase goods in the consumer cooperative store. 5syuzh. - Participants of the All-Union meeting of filmmakers in the hall. Among those present - directors S. Eisenstein, V. Pudovkin, A. Room, playwright V. V. Vishnevsky. Director A. P. Dovzhenko and writer A. Fadeev talk with Korean hunters, are present at the hunt in the taiga, collecting material for the script of the new film. 6syuzh. -Young workers of the shoe factory. Mikoyan - in theoretical classes for advanced training; in the workshop for the machines for covering shoe lasts. 7syuzh. -Participants of the All-Union tournament of children-chess players in the hall during the games. MM Botvinnik gives a session of the simultaneous game.
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, railroad transport
, footwear industry
, self-education for adults
, food industry
, cooperative trade
, metallurgical industry
, sport games
, childrens sports
, state figures
, public life
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V. Belyaev, V. Soloviev, Pyatov, Shapovalov, I. Belyakov, Glider, Mazrukho, Sher
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