Soyuzkinozhurnal Number 27

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1 plot. A rally at the Moscow Art Theater on the occasion of the conclusion of a peace treaty with Finland; actor N. Khmelev is among the speakers. 2 plot. The text of the Decree of the USSR Armed Forces on renaming the Krasny Dneproges plant in Taganrog into the plant named after VM Molotov, portrait of Molotov in the newspaper, Stakhanovite AA Golovin in the shop. 3 plot. Veteran of the Paris Commune Monsieur A. Lejeune talks with the activists of the MOPR. 4 plot. Collective farmers of the village of Chgubli, Kirovakan region, at the construction of a road. 5 plot. 5th year student of Moscow State University I. Shafarevich - candidate for the Stalin scholarship, at home. 6syuzh. Greenhouses, cucumbers 1 vegetable factory of the USSR People's Commissariat of Trade in Pushkin, near Moscow. Boxes with apples, intended for the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition, from the orchards of the state farm. Gorky Krasnodar Territory. 7 plot. The procedure for registering a marriage in one of the registry offices.
I. Setkin
Film ID
vegetable growing
, higher education
, international labor movement
, turbine engineering
, gardening
, state structure
, rallies
, road construction
238, 7
Number of Parts
There is no data
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