Soyuzkinozhurnal Number 49

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1 plot. Inaugural meeting in Moscow, dedicated to the 3rd anniversary of the proclamation of Soviet power in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 2 plot. The village of Verkhnie Roki in the Caucasus Mountains. Kolkhoz chairman Beria Marta Plieva talks with collective farmers. A flock of sheep and goats in the mountains. 3 plot. American bomber in the air. The bombing of the seaport of Naples. 4 plot. The commander of the N-Aviation Regiment reads Stalin's order in front of the formation. 5 plot. Broken German equipment on the battlefield (Oryol direction). 6 plot. Kalinin front. Soldiers of the 940th Regiment of the 262nd Infantry Division defend the Bezymyannaya Hill near the village of Praniki. The Germans are on the attack. Soviet soldiers of the platoon of the 7th rifle company of Lieutenant Aleksendr Grigorievich Iglovikov shoot from machine guns and machine guns. Among them are squad commander Alaferdi Khalilovich Alaferdiev, medical instructor Andrei Mikhailovich Golkov, Red Army soldier Kirill Sergeevich Budnikov, foreman Grigory Mikhailovich Vershinin. Commander of the 262nd Infantry Division of the 43rd Army Zakhary Nikitovich Usachev at the award ceremony for distinguished fighters; among them is the platoon commander Vladimir Semenovich Khritkin.
I. Setkin
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, allied troops
, animal husbandry
, combat actions of soviet troops
, settlements
, formation of the republic of the ussr
Number of Parts
O. Reizman, R. Khalushakov, N. Nagorny, V. Dobronitsky, N. Vikhirev, A. Golbrich, A. Sof'in, A. Alekseev, E. Alekseev
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
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