Space Holography

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The film advertises the holographic devices "REGINA" and "TIGER", developed by NPO Energia. The film includes the following footage. Moscow, the Kremlin, the domes of the Assumption Cathedral, view of St. Basil's Cathedral from the side of the Spassky Gate. An employee in the laboratory is working on a holographic device. Holographic image of St. Basil's Cathedral, antique statues. Poland on small-sized holographic recorders. General view of the holographic installation protecting the window of the spacecraft ("REGINA") General view of the television interference holographic recorder ("TIGER") Installation of the spacecraft. A panorama of portholes protected by holographic recorders. Specialists are watching the monitors in the hall of the Mission Control Center (MCC). Employees of the microbiological laboratory carry out experiments using the devices "REGINA" and "TIGER". Processes occurring with a liquid in zero gravity. ATVs, a helicopter, people in a snowy field. A flask with ultrapure crystals. Computational complexes. Close-up - the face of a tiger. for devices "REGINA" and "TIGER". The film uses newsreel footage: an astronaut at an orbital station, a pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR S.E. Savitskaya moves from one compartment of a ship to another, holographic installations at an orbital station, cosmonauts talk about the principle of operation of holographic devices (sync.), A view of an orbital laboratory ( 1980s).
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