Space Weekdays

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PART ONE Building of a space communications station in the mountains. Radio telescope, radio interferometers, aerials for space communications. Chronicle. 1971 Design bureau of a space industry enterprise. Assembly of the spacecraft. The first orbital station "Salyut", testing of instruments, individual components and assemblies of the station. PART TWO Scientists and cosmonauts discuss the program of scientific research, among those present - A.S. Eliseev. Chronicle footage. No date of filming. Cosmonaut training center. In training, astronauts practice possible emergency situations. Space suits tests. Early 1970s. Tests of the Soyuz-12 spacecraft. Trainings of the ship's crew, cosmonauts V.G. Lazarev and O.G. Makarov. 1971 Space station "Salyut" in flight. The building and premises of the "house of cosmonauts", at the Baikonur cosmodrome, autographs of the cosmonauts on the door of the house. PART THREE Chronicle. 27.09.-29.09 1973. Flight of the Soyuz-12 spacecraft. Cosmonauts V.G. Lazarev and O. G. Makarov at the cosmodrome, in the cockpit, during the flight. Start and landing of the ship. 1973 year. Press conference dedicated to the flight of the Soyuz-13 spacecraft, cosmonauts - GT Beregovoy, VA Shatalov in the presidium of the press conference. Cosmonauts V.N.Kubasov, A.A. Leonov and N.N. Rukavishnikov participate in the work of an experimental mechanical enterprise to improve navigation and orientation devices. PART FOUR Chronicle. 1970s Telescope "Oreon-2" - on the stocks of the research and production space enterprise. 1973 year. Cosmonauts VV Lebedev and PI Klimuk are mastering the biological installation of the Oasis-2 system in the laboratory of a research and production space enterprise and are taking part in the improvement of navigation and orientation devices. PART FIVE Chronicle. 1973. Employees of the research and production space enterprise are testing the equipment of the spacecraft and spacesuit. A.A. Leonov trying on a spacesuit. Cosmonauts OG Makarov and VG Lebedev take part in the work of the enterprise. Members of the delegation of American specialists and cosmonauts visiting the Salyut orbital station in connection with the preparation of the joint flight of the Soyuz and Apollo spacecraft, listening to the explanations of A. Leonov and V. Kubasov. PARTS 3-4. Chronicle footage. 12/18/1973 - 12/26/1973. Flight of the Soyuz-13 spacecraft. The launch of the spacecraft. Cosmonauts PI Klimuk and VV Lebedev at the cosmodrome, in flight, in a state of weightlessness, are testing the Levkoy spacecraft. 4-5. Chronicle footage without shooting date. Experiments on the production and testing of fairing elements for future orbital stations in high-temperature electric furnaces. PARTS 5-6. Chronicle footage without specifying the shooting date. Model of the spacecraft. Scientists and astronauts working on the simulator , train, conduct research, experiment.
N. Makarov
Film ID
international economic relations
, communication
, cosmonautics
, international scientific relations
Number of Parts
B. Smirnov, Yu. Ivlev, G. Anokhin, A. Kotov
Other Creators
E. Stikhin (music), L. Khmara (lyrics)
Release Date
Has Sound

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