SPAIN TODAY Todays Spain

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1. The Minister of Agriculture of Spain V. Uribe gives an interview in his office. Harvesting crops, threshing grain. Collecting oranges. Agricultural laboratory workers conduct experiments. Sports parade in Catalonia. Runners competition. Rugby game. Seeing off the French fighters of the international brigades at the railway station. A. Marty speaks at a rally on the occasion of the departure of the French internationalists. Checking the documents of the inter-brigade officers of the heads of the customs point. Those who meet on the platform of the station. Soldiers of the people's militia on a halt in the mountains. Soldiers of the people's militia are crossing the river. Ebro on boats and swimming, shooting from artillery. Soldiers of the people's militia are digging earthworks. Spanish children on vacation in a tent camp. 2. Chairman of the Council of Ministers H. Negrin speaks at a meeting of the Cortes. Construction of the Valencia-Madrid railway. Performance of choreographic groups in the square in Madrid. Swimming competition, water polo match in the Barcelona pool. Children on physical education in kindergarten. Destroyed buildings after the bombing of the market and port in Barcelona. Recruit parade in Barcelona. Construction of a pontoon bridge (Genares district). Distribution of powdered milk to the population.
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, sport
, public administration
, sea transport
, republican army
, agriculture
, civil war in spain
, railway transport
, international military formations
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