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The film tells about the All-Union conference of the Soviet Peace Fund, about the voluntary donations of citizens and enterprises of the Stavropol Territory to the Soviet Peace Fund. Russia, Moscow. Ivan the Great Bell Tower, Assumption and Annunciation Cathedrals on the Cathedral Square of the Moscow Kremlin. The building of the Soviet Peace Fund. The Soviet Peace Fund icon. Letters, money transfers from citizens of the USSR, transferred to the Peace Fund. A Foundation employee is sorting letters. On the seal of one of the letters there is an inscription: "Coal from the watch" Coal of the world "of the bogatyr pond 07.05.84." At the stand there are silver jewelry, household items donated by citizens to the Peace Foundation. Russia, Stavropol Territory. Workers fasten a sign with the inscription: "Train of Friendship." In the train compartment there is a pennant with the inscription: “Stavropol Territory. Train of Peace ". The train departs from the platform. Military brass band, seeing off on the platform. Train passengers - veterans of the Great Patriotic War in the corridor, in the compartment, drinking tea. Passenger "Train of Friendship" on the way. Mechanic operator, veteran of the Great Patriotic War Mikhail Zakharov leaves the gate of his house. A column of veterans is walking along a rural street, followed by a column of schoolgirls. Pioneers are on guard of honor near the monument to the soldiers who died in the war. The star on the gate of the rural house is a symbol of the presence of a war veteran in the family. War veteran, activist of the Soviet Peace Fund Vasily Burlak visits a resident of the village A.P. Vershko, who donates 10 rubles to the Soviet Peace Fund. V. Burlak and A.P. Vershko are talking at a table in the garden. On the table is a sheet of paper with the "List of residents of the village of Zolskaya, Kirovsky district, Stavropol Territory, who want to contribute cash to the Peace Fund." V. Burlak at the post office draws up a money transfer from the war and labor veterans of the village of Zolskaya to the Soviet Peace Fund. The postal employee accepts 1,300 rubles from V.V. Burlak. View of the obelisk in honor of the soldiers who died during the war. Oil rig pitchfork. Meeting of oilmen. In the room where the meeting is taking place, there is a poster with the inscription: "Today is a watch at the Peace Foundation." Oil workers at work at the drilling rig. The tractor is passing by the oil rig; on the glass of the driver's cabin there is a photograph of tankmen View of an oil rig in the evening. Moscow. Kremlin embankment. Participants of the All-Union Conference of the Soviet Peace Fund in the hall during the meeting. Chairman of the Board of the Peace Foundation, 3-time world chess champion A. Karpov speaks at the podium. On the podium: USSR pilot-cosmonaut, Chairman of the Soviet Women's Committee V.V. Tereshkova, People's Artist of the USSR A.I.Stepanova, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, Chairman of the Peace Committee, international journalist Yu.A. Zhukov. Among those present in the hall - People's Artist of the USSR N.A. Slichenko. The conference participants applauded. The poster in front of the building of the Olympic sports complex: "On June 12-20, 1985, the Olympic sports complex, on tour in the USSR, sings" Ricquardo Folli "accompanied by a pop ensemble (Italy). The audience goes to the concert. Stavropol Territory, Kirovsky district. Obelisk-pointer "Student brigade named after Yu.A. Gagarina has been a laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize since 1974. It was founded by the collective farm. XX Congress of the CPSU and Novopavlovskaya village No. 2 in 1956. The tractor carries a cart with grain. Cows in the meadow. A group of machine operators and schoolchildren are watching a transistor TV in a clearing. Foreign newsreels (1975 -1985): transportation of the American Pershing-2 medium-range ballistic missile along the street of one of the cities [Germany]; a battalion of American anti-aircraft missiles is fired; American B-52 bomber in the air; a cruise missile falls from the bomber's hatch; nuclear explosion test; plate with the name "Bikini"; ruins - the consequences of the explosion; a young man who was born without arms and legs in a place of trial. Stavropol region. The tractor driver climbs into the tractor cab. On the glass of the cab there is a leaflet with the inscription: "The tractor works for the Peace Foundation." The tractor works in the field. Wheat field. Combines are working on harvesting wheat. A column of Niva combines moves across the field. Children for a lesson in a circle sew soft toys that will be sold at the solidarity fair, and the money will be transferred to the Peace Fund. Schoolchildren are painting on the asphalt.
P. Finkelberg
Film ID
out-of-school education
, armed forces
, rural settlements
, christianity
, oil industry
, villages
, postal communication
, usa
, second world war (including the great patriotic war)
, cities
, railway transport
, borbazamir
, plant growing
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