Sports of the Country of the Soviets

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1 hour - Meeting of Soviet athletes A. Karpov and others. Story about the gymnast N. Andrianov. The Andrianov family. Andrianov performs an exercise on the uneven bars. Swimming competition among boys and girls in Artek ("Starts of Hopes"). Swim. Lord Killanin's press conference. 2 hours - A. Leonov. Athletes are running, reindeer sled racing. Sadchikova is running along the Medeo skating rink. The stadium during the Volleyball World Championship. Match between volleyball players of the USSR and Cuba. Athletics Championship in Prague. V. Trofimenko - pole vault, obstacle course (women). 3 hours - V. Barnauskiene, V. Yashchenko are jumping. Yuri Vardanyan is training. Training gymnasts E. Mukhina, N. Shaposhnikova. G. Pevunov in the class of sambo wrestlers trains children: shows techniques. G. Shatkov works in the workshop. 4 hours - A. Privolov. Training of biathletes. 4-5 hours - Episodes of hockey matches between the teams of the USSR, Canada, Czechoslovakia. N. Ozerov comments. Football match: L. Yashin at the gate. 6 hours - Meeting A. Karpov at the airport. A. Karpov speaking. Sports facilities in Moscow: stadiums in Luzhniki, Krylatskoye and others. Meeting of the organizing committee of the "Olympics-80". Chairman of the Organizing Committee I.T. Novikov in talks with representatives of the Italian sports organization. The buildings of the Olympic village.
A. Rybakova
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childrens sports
, national sports
, championships
, selected sports
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A. Istomin, G. Zakharova, Yu. Orlov, V. Semin
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