Sports Swimming

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The film is dedicated to the health-improving value of swimming; sports swimming methods are shown in detail. 1 part of the RSFSR. Vacationers on the sea beach sunbathe, play ball; swim in the sea; sail in boats. A man teaches a boy to swim; boys learn to swim in shallow water. Swimming competition: the starter signals the start of the competition with a flag; athletes-swimmers dive into the water from the starting table; swim along the paths of the pool; spectators in the stands. Athletes swim in the pool in a variety of ways. The athlete demonstrates breathing technique while swimming. The USSR master of sports in swimming Lev Nikolaevich Balandin demonstrates the "crawl" swimming method in the open pool. Part 1 uses underwater surveys; MLTP is used: methods of keeping the body in the water in a horizontal position (pos. - 282.7 m). Part 2 of the RSFSR. A man dives into the sea from a rowing boat; swims "breaststroke". Men and women demonstrate breaststroke swimming in different situations. The method of swimming "on the back" is demonstrated by the USSR master of sports in swimming Viktor Soloviev; Master of Sports in Swimming, USSR Champion Ekaterina Dmitrievna Moskvina. USSR Master of Sports Vladimir Ivanovich Minashkin demonstrates breaststroke swimming in the open pool. In the second part, underwater surveys are used (pos. - 260.0 m). 3 part of the RSFSR. USSR champion in swimming, five-time USSR record holder Vadim Terentyevich Martynchik demonstrates the butterfly swimming method in an open pool. USSR Master of Sports in Swimming, USSR Champion Pyotr Skripchenkov demonstrates the Dolphin swimming method in the open pool. Various methods of swimming are demonstrated by V.I. Minashkin, L.N. Balandin, V. Soloviev, E. D. Moskvina, USSR master of sports in swimming, USSR champion Maria Fedorovna Gavrish. Training of swimmers to practice the technique of movements of different methods of swimming in the pool. Timekeepers stand with stopwatches in their hands at the starting tables in the outdoor pool. International swimming competition: athletes swim along the tracks of the outdoor pool; spectators on the podium. In the third part, underwater surveys are used (pos. - 275.5 m).
A. Kondahchan
Film ID
athletic facilities
, water sports
, relaxation
, sports-mass work
Number of Parts
L. Aristakesianz
Other Creators
scriptwriter A. Vankov, consultant, Honored Master of Sports L. Meshkov, underwater camera operator M. Krivtsun, sound engineer B. Pekker, film director B. Zeltser
Release Date
Has Sound

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