Spring Feuilleton

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USA: New York: Statue of Liberty, streets, individual buildings, city dwellers of different social strata, police, dispersal of the demonstration. Ku Klux Klan organization parade, Rockefeller in attendance. Soccer game; Contests: beauties, "best family bakers"; US Armed Forces: artillery fire, warships, submarines, aircraft carrier at sea; bombers at the airfield, in the air; movement of the cavalry unit; England: rallies of striking workers, miners; police; Football match, attended by the Prince of Wales and representatives of parliamentary circles; film portrait of McDonald D.R. (Prime Minister); British Armed Forces: sending troops to Afghanistan, India: soldiers and officers board a train, a steamer, a warship at sea France. Paris: restaurant: the audience at the tables, dancing; competition for the best waiter; the craftswomen of one of the fashion stores at work; traffic of vehicles, pedestrians; Speech by R. Poincaré; Prince of Wales among representatives of parliament, government; Versailles Conference: delegates in the conference room, American financier Morgan among the delegates. The stock exchange building, the audience at the building. Demonstration. Police. Federal Armed Forces: military aircraft in the air. Italy. Vatican: Pope at the head of the religious procession. The demonstration of the Italian fascists. B. Mussolini on horseback with his family. Poland. Warsaw: Piłsudski with his retinue during a military parade. Romania. Bucharest: military parade, the priest blesses the troops.
N. Karmazinsky
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