Spring in Mordovia

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The film tells about the transformations in the republics of Mordovia during the years of Soviet power. Dance "Kshtema" performed by the folk ensemble of Mordovian song and dance "Umarina". Footage of the past life of the Mordovian people: women in the field, a reaper, a crying child. Photo of the strike committee (1905), chairman of the committee A. Bainuzov. October 1917 Demonstration in Saransk. Saransk Soviet of Workers 'and Peasants' Deputies. The village of Lada. The funeral of the prodarmeys. Year 1919. MI Kalinin among the soldiers of Guy's Iron Division. Year 1920. Saturday clean-up in Saransk. Construction of a thermal power plant. Collectivization. The year is 1931. Arrival of the first tractors to the farm "12 Years of October". 1935 year. Presentation of the Act for the perpetual use of land on the Kirov collective farm. The year is 1939. Elections to the Supreme Soviet of the Mordovian Republic. University building. Students in the classroom. Admission to the pioneers at the monument to the Motherland. Combine operator IV Sunyaikin, awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, at work. Competition for the title of the best bricklayer in the city in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin on the construction of the 13th house in the south-west of Saransk. Referee Commission. Bricklayers are working. Construction of the bridge. The first trolleybus. The city of Saransk. The streets of the town. Watering machine on the streets. Adjuster. Pool. Cafe. The bride and groom leave the registry office. Plants. Telecentre. On the screen - footage of the working days of the republic. V.V. Grishin awarded the Order of Lenin to the Mordovian Autonomous Republic. Spring in the republic.
V. Strelkov
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, urban transport
, a television
, central authorities
, land use
, automobile transport
, higher education
, childrens organizations
, revolutionary movement in russia
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, cities
, state structure
, awards
, music
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V. Raisky
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