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A film about the development of animal husbandry on the collective farm "New Spring" in the Chapaevsky region of the Kazakh SSR. Kazakh SSR, Chapaevsky district, collective farm "New Spring". Kone farm, dairy farm of the collective farm, pig farm. Camels grazing in the steppe. Otar of fine-wooled sheep of the "Rambouillet" breed in the pasture. Shearing. Weighing bags of sheep's wool. Animal examination by a veterinarian. Noble horse breeder M. Abbasov at a herd of horses, talking with a shepherd, sitting behind the wheel of a truck. Pig farm worker Maria Kalmykova holds a pig in her arms. The head of the dairy farm of the collective farm Fyodor Filippovich Bondarev at the farm. Hay cleaning. Shepherd Sadyk Sundetov with a flock of sheep. Boys, pupils of a boarding school for children from remote villages, in the bedroom. Portrait of the Kazakh poet Dzhanbul Dzhabayev on the wall. A lesson dedicated to the participant in the Civil War, the head of the Red Army division, Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev. The collective farm detachment of the Voroshilov Cavalry Club is galloping through the aul. Residents are watching them with interest. Tactical exercises. "Voroshilov cavalrymen" at the memorial stone on the bank of the Ural River, the place of death of V.I. Chapaeva.
B. Pumpyansky
Film ID
school education
, collective farms
, livestock
, civil defense
, voluntary societies
Number of Parts
B. Pumpyansky
Other Creators
music producer I. Kruglykhin, sound engineer S. Pershin
Release Date
Has Sound

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