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Landscapes of Asia. The peasants are working in the fields. Delhi. Meeting. Nikita Khrushchev is speaking. Destruction in Goa. Meeting Yuri Gagarin at the airport. Residents welcome Yuri Gagarin. Construction of a metallurgical plant in Bhilai with technical assistance from the USSR. Extraction of coal, oil. The opening of the hydroelectric power station. Construction of a road across the Hindu Kush ridge with technical assistance from the USSR, construction of a hydroelectric power station. Enterprises built with the help of the USSR: a bakery, a car repair plant, an airfield in Kabul. Jakarta city. Plant construction. A hospital built by Soviet specialists. Stadium, Landscapes Irian. Construction of a plant with the assistance of the USSR in Ceylon. Construction of a port in Yemen with the assistance of the USSR. Unloading and loading operations in the port. Soviet specialists train Yemenis. Hospital from Cambodia. Prince Sihanouk people awards Soviet and Cambodian builders. Soviet doctors share their experience. G. Rangoon. Hospital and Institute of Technology, built with Soviet assistance. Students from Asian countries in the classroom at institutes in Moscow. Japan. Unloading a plane with a polio vaccine that arrived from the USSR. Sick children. Moscow. Meeting D. Nehru, participants of the World Congress of Women. Meeting of the Soviet-Indonesian friendship in the Kremlin. Sukarno speaks. Indian Exhibition: Visitors, Exhibits. UN building. Nikita Khrushchev is speaking. Soviet exhibition in Pakistan. Visitors to the exhibits.
Z. Fomina
Film ID
, cambodia
, japan
, international connections
, burma
, energy
, metallurgy
, indonesia
, sports
, health care
, india
, transport
, exhibitions
, ceylon
, social and political movement
, economic communications
, food industry
, pakistan
, afghanistan
, political connections
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