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The film almanac consists of four plots: 1 plot. Visiting the Little Prince. MLTP Puppet cosmonaut Thor, the leading movie almanac, turns over the pages of a book about the asteroid "V-612", flies in space. Thor and the Little Prince talk about the pre-existing planet Phaethon, about the solar system, and together they land on planet Earth. 2 plot. Airplanes and airplanes. Model aircraft schoolchildren launch homemade aircraft into the sky. k / t b / w [1903] Russia. A man on a bicycle with wings is trying to take off. Photo portrait of N.E. Zhukovsky - Russian scientist, founder of modern aerodynamics. The title page of Zhukovsky's scientific work "On Aeronautics". c / t b / w 1903 Brothers O. & W. Wright roll out an airplane from their workshop. One of the inventors prepares for flight, sits on the wing of an airplane, takes off, flies, lands on the airfield. Various aircraft are flying in the air. Seaplanes are trying to take off from the water. The plane is flying - "Bogatyr Ilya Muromets". k / t b / w [1903] The people are watching the aircraft on the airfield. Military pilot PN Nesterov, the founder of aerobatics, while performing a "loop" (Nesterov's loop). Engineer A.E. Shtepin assembles models of the first aircraft in his workshop. Airplane models with a steam engine, built by the Russian officer Mozhaisky in the 19th century. Models of various aircraft: the airplane of the brothers O. and W. Wright, the aircraft of the designer Ya.M. Kavkin, the monoplane (machines with one wing). [1920s-1930s] A panorama of planes flying in the sky. People are watching them at the airfield. NDP for various aircraft models. AE Shtepin tells about them to schoolchildren (sinhr.). The model of the plane "Airplane-link", invented by the inventor Vakhmistrov, the plane - Il-2 - aircraft designer V.S. Ilyushin in one of the halls of the museum named after N.Ye. Zhukovsky. Jet planes in the sky. MLTP Schematic representation of air combat. Photos of the first test pilots, among them V.P. Chkalov. c / t b / w 1941-1945 Il-2 aircraft shoot during air combat. Explosions on the battlefield. Fighters S.A. Lavochkin. NDP for the pilots before the battle. The fighter sits in the cockpit, takes off. A burning fascist plane is falling on the battlefield. E. Shtepin holds in his hand a model of the plane La-5. Engineers work in the design office of one of the factories. NDP. Work is underway to assemble TU-144 aircraft, developed by aircraft designer A.N. Tupolev. Engineers are testing the TU-144 model in aerodynamic laboratories, among the participants is engineer A.E. Shtepin. The plane TU-144 takes off from the airfield. Model aircraft schoolchildren launch homemade aircraft into the sky. MLTP The host of the film almanac Thor talks with the Little Prince, plays hide and seek. 3 plot Who hides how. NDP in a forest glade. In the forest, a fox crawls out of a hole. The badger climbs into the hole. A snail is crawling along a tree branch, hiding in its shell. Cicatas sit in foamy lumps on a plant branch. NDP. Chicks in the nest. Quail with chicks in the grass. The lynx looks out for prey at the edge of the forest, runs away into the depths of the forest. Frog in swampy thickets. The caterpillar is crawling on a green leaf. The butterfly sits on a flower in the grass. A ladybug is crawling along the stems of plants. The chicken bites and eats it. Sea waves (filmed from the top). Fish swim underwater. Stingray, sea urchin against the background of pitfalls. The crab is hiding in the seaweed. Seahorse in the sea thickets. Sawfish, stargazer fish are buried in the sea sand. The fry hide in the body of the jellyfish. Bay view. NDP. Waves hitting rocks (landscape) MLTP Lead Thor and Little Prince are talking. A little girl is trying to skate on ice. 4 plot. Skates. A basket of flowers stands on the ice of the stadium. Spectators in the stands. Cameramen filming a figure skating competition. Two-time world champions Irina Moiseeva and A. Mininkov after their performance in the stands of the stadium. The audience is applauding. International Master of Sports Yuri Ovchinnikov, multiple world, European and Olympic champions Irina Rodnina and Alexander Zaitsev receive flowers from the audience after the end of the performance. Six-time world champions, Olympic champions Lyudmila Pakhomova and Alexei Gorshkov are dancing their last dance (image on the monitor screen). Pakhomova watches her performance on TV at home. A woman ties the laces on a girl's skates. Parents change their children's clothes before training in the stands of the stadium. Children born in 1971 go out on the ice, skate during training. Coaches are selecting young children for a figure skating sports school. Children perform various physical exercises with music, parents are watching. A boy answers questions from one of the coaches (sinhr.) Figure skating coach conducts training with children on the ice. Honored Trainer of the USSR S.A. Zhuk conducts a training session with young figure skater E. Vodorezova on the ice (sinhr.). Honored Master of Sports L. Pakhomova trains one of the couples, watches a ballet performance with her students in the theater. Young skaters relax in nature, ride a roller coaster in a recreation park, and train at the stadium. Young skaters dance on ice during the ice festival. Among the participants: Elena Vodorezova, Elena Botanova and Andrey Antonov, Maria Cherkasova and Sergey Shakhrai and others. The audience applauded (sinhr.). End of the holiday.
K. Rovnin, V. Puzanov, N. Nikitkin, V. Popova, A. Mironov
Film ID
figure skating
, nature reserves
, air force
, aviation products
, museums
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, air transport
Number of Parts
G. Boyarsky, A. Klimenev, A. Popov, P. Filimonov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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