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The presenter - artist S. Kalganov in the role of a rajah presents the plots included in the film almanac "Zvezdochka". 1 part. 1st plot. Brother rabbit and his friends. View of one of the villages. A view of a rural courtyard with its inhabitants; among them - rabbits of different breeds, a hen with chickens, a rooster, turkeys, a cow, a goat with kids, a pig with piglets, a dog. Children put the rabbit in a cage, feed him carrots, cabbage, apples. View of the rocks. The gray hare sits in the grass, runs away from the rain into its burrow. The golden eagle flies up to the hare. The rabbit jumps out of the cage, gallops into the clearing. Summer landscape: meadow with hay heaps, forest. Children put a runaway rabbit in a cage. Children sit at the table, drink milk, study notebooks with notes on caring for rabbits, collect grass for rabbits in the meadow, feed rabbits with fresh grass. Part 2. Continuation of the 1st plot. A type of rabbits awaiting offspring. Evening landscape: sunset, forest, river. General view of newborn rabbits. Children feed rabbits with milk from a pipette, from a bottle, weigh the rabbits, measure them, comb the grown-up rabbits. The kitten plays with rabbits in the grass. View of the rural store "Products". Children come to the store, read an advertisement for a viewing exhibition of rabbits raised by schoolchildren. Children get on their bicycles and carry their rabbits in baskets to the exhibition. View of the show: the members of the jury sit at the table and present rabbits of different breeds to the exhibitors and spectators. Awarding of the winners of the exhibition. Part 3. 2nd plot. That's the trick. The plot tells about optics and optical devices: with the help of visual laboratory experiments, the physical properties of optics, technical features of optical devices and the principles of their operation are demonstrated. Macro photography is used in the plot, which tells about the principles of operation of a microscope and other devices with magnifying lenses. The plot included the following filming: views of the Black Sea in the Yalta area, Yalta embankment, they say, a lighthouse, ships in the sea, a boy on the embankment lets sun bunnies with the help of a mirror, a girl plays with a ball, children play table tennis in the hall, a man plays billiards, children in the "room of laughter" look in distorting mirrors, laugh. General view of the layout of the solar power plant. View of a telescope in one of the astrophysical observatories. The astronomer looks through a telescope. The movement of vehicles in winter along the street of one of the cities. General view of lighting devices, searchlights at one of the indoor stadiums. Training of athletes involved in rhythmic gymnastics. General view of various optical lenses. General view of various optical devices, among them: a microscope, magnifiers, a camera, glasses, a movie camera, etc. 3rd plot. A story told at night. The plot in a playful, theatrical and musical form with the participation of artists I. Yasulovich, S. Kalganov, I. Averin and others tells about the history of the emergence of chess, about the chess game (sync. And for the frame.). General view of the collection of chess in the showcases of one of the museums. 4th and 5th part. Continuation of the 3rd plot.
E. Taravkova, T. Martyntseva
Film ID
, culture and recreation
, optical industry
, out-of-school education
, physics
, rural settlements
, energy
, livestock
, sea transport
, sport games
, theatre
, gymnastics
, landscapes
, athletic facilities
, astronomy & cosmonautics
, cities
, trade
, optics
Number of Parts
N. Yurushkina, L. Zilberg, L. Fomichev
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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