Star Brothers

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A film about the space flight of the pilots-cosmonauts Andriyan Grigorievich Nikolaev and Pavel Romanovich Popovich. The film uses footage of astronauts taken during the flight and television footage from Earth. Cosmonaut training center. Meeting of the commission. A. Nikolaev and P. R. Popovich in training, including in a pressure chamber, on simulators. Medical examination of the astronauts. Equipment testing. Educational training flights. Skydiving. Astronauts at home, family life, on vacation, including on the beach by the Black Sea, in the Moscow Zoo, the Gorky Park of Culture and Leisure. Cosmodrome. A. Nikolaev before the launch of the Vostok-3 spacecraft, P. Popovich before the launch of the Vostok-4 spacecraft. Starts of ships. A. Nikolaev in the cockpit of the ship during the flight. A. Nikolaev on the TV screen. Landing A. Nikolaev by parachute. Mission control center, Moscow television control room. Employees at the instruments. Nikita Khrushchev and Leonid Brezhnev talk on the phone with Nikolayev and Popovich. Press conference of Nikolaev and Popovich. Solemn meeting of the cosmonauts at the Vnukovo airfield, travel in cars (with Nikita Khrushchev) in Moscow. Demonstration and rally on Red Square. Speakers (sinhr.): Khrushchev, Popovich, Nikolaev. Presentation to A. Nikolaev and P. Povich of the Golden Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union in the Kremlin by Leonid Brezhnev. Conversation of astronauts with Khrushchev. Observatory in West Germany. Astrophysical Center in Tokyo. Sale of newspapers with photographs of astronauts in different countries. Chronicle. Demonstration on Red Square on April 14, 1961 in honor of Yuri Gagarin's flight. Gagarin's visit Cairo, Athens, Tokyo; Austria. Demonstration on Red Square on August 6, 1961 in honor of G. Titov's flight. G. Titov in the years. Suroday (Indonesia). New York, Washington DC (USA), Hanoi (Vietnam). View of the earth from space. Landscapes of Chuvashia, the Volga river. Rallies at industrial enterprises.
I. Gostev
Film ID
standard of living
, a television
, automobile transport
, public leisure facilities
, distribution of printed publications
, air transport
, international connections
, public catering
, cosmonautics
, mechanical engineering
, landscapes
, astronomy
, supreme bodies and institutions
, awards
, a family
, home life
Number of Parts
V. Afanasyev, M. Beschetnov, B. Golovnya, A. Kairov, R. Trishin
Other Creators
music by V. I. Rubin, sound engineer A. Kulakov, animation by N. Podolskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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