Stare at Close Range

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The documentary program "Look at Point-blank" consists of four 2-part films. Parts 1-2. The film "The Silent Witness" is dedicated to the philosophical views of Leo Tolstoy and the attitude towards them of modern people visiting the Leo Tolstoy Museum in Yasnaya Polyana. Designer gunsmith N. I. Korovyakov shoots a gun. The territory, buildings, expositions of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum-Reserve. Museum visitors on excursions, give interviews (synchronously). Clothes market in Tula. Residents of the city on the streets. Bride and groom. Anthill in the forest. A beetle in an anthill. Snail. The snake attacks the mouse. Toad. Parts 3-4. The film "Sons and Stepchildren" is about children who live and are brought up in the Verkhne-Lyubazhskaya boarding school in the Kursk region. The building and premises of the boarding school. Overhaul of the building. Building and premises of Lamanovskaya boarding school in Kursk. Children are interviewed by the film crew (synchronously). Pupils of the boarding school for a walk in the museum. Parts 5-6. The film "Heroes Don't Die..." Is about the fate of the Afghan warriors A. Gorshkov, V. Chetyrin, N. Kuznetsov. Parts 7-8. The film "Uvarov miracles" about the town of Uvarov, Tambov region. Mineral fertilizers plant. Former first secretary of the city committee of the CPSU NI Ponomarev, who has achieved a special technology for the disposal of factory waste, talks with the townspeople. Residents of the city in the streets, market. The hang glider is flying. River landscape. Disco club "Visit". Youth in the club. Playing volleyball, swimming in the river. City Hospital. The patient is on a drip. The doctor speaks about the condition of the patient who received ethylene glycol poisoning (synchronously). The patient answers the questions of the film crew (synchronously). Residents of the city at home. A modern microdistrict and a private house of A.G. Davydova, who does not give consent to move and demolish the house. A. G. Davydova in the garden. Construction of a children's equestrian club. Residents of the city in the park sing and dance to the accordion. Children, including infants, with their parents.
V. Chepurin.
Film ID
protection of nature and the environment
, medical services for the population
, leisure
, communist parties
, situation of children
, funeral
, private trade
, public leisure facilities
, chemical industry
, educational activities
, animal world
, population
, mechanical engineering
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, utilities
, social security
, peoples life
Number of Parts
Yu. Tarasov, A. Bogomolov, S. Rashidov, V. Gvozdyakov, V. Stupakov, A. Ibragimova.
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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