Starogorskaya Suite

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No. 36922, c / o "Starogorska suite", color, sound., 4h., 1980, 737m Production: Bulgaria, studio of documentary films The film-sketch tells about cities, memorable places, industry, agriculture and the life of people of the Starozagorsk district ... Voice-over text in Bulgarian. Part 1 Views of the Starozagorsk District, its villages. Forest landscapes. Children are resting in the forest. Cows in the paddock at the farm. Tractors are working on the field. Women with baskets are walking across the field. One of the cities of the Starozagorsk District, a policeman is in charge of traffic at an intersection, pedestrians are walking along the sidewalk, a bus stops at the parking lot. Children play in the playground in front of a multi-storey building. A fountain in the park, a young mother is driving a stroller. The girl collects a bouquet of flowers on the lawn. Alley in the park. G. Stara Zagora. New microdistrict, construction of a new house. Dismantling the old house. Newsstand. Vehicle traffic. View of the legendary oak in the village of Granit, Starozagorsk region (the oak is 1637 years old). G. Kazanlak. A small brick house in which the IV Congress of the BRSDP was held on July 13, 1987. Monument to Georgy Dimitrov at the top of the hill. River, bridge, mountains. Part 2 G. Kazanlak. Thracian tomb (a monument of architectural and artistic art of the late 4th - early 3rd centuries BC). Paintings by Ivan Milev (1897-1927) Wheat harvesting. Harvesting cotton on the field, the harvesters are going. Harvesting in an apple orchard. Vineyards. Tomatoes. Strawberry. Work in the shops of a processing enterprise (making juices, strawberry jam, canned food with green peas). G. Stara Zagora. Buildings of the Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant, work in the shops. The plane, scattering fertilizer in the fields, prepares for flight. Refueling of fertilizers into the aircraft tank. An airplane in the sky, processing the field with saltpeter. 3 part Ripe wheat field. Monument to Russian soldiers who liberated Bulgarians from Turkish slavery. A painting depicting the battle of the Russian troops with the Ottomans. Fragment of the Freedom Monument on the Shipka Pass - a memorial in memory of those who died for the liberation of Bulgaria during the defense of the Shipka Pass in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78. Fog, morning, view of the Freedom Monument at the pass. Forested mountain slopes. Monument depicting a fighter for the liberation of Bulgaria from Turkish oppression and the inscription "1977-1978". A stone wreath at the base of the monument, in the background - an apple orchard. The image on the monument of General Skobelev and a woman giving him flowers. Orthodox church. Moscow. Red Square. The Kremlin's Spasskaya Tower. G. Vladimir. Members of the delegation from the Staro Zagorsk District stand at the Golden Gate, walk around the city center, at the monument in honor of the 850th anniversary of the city. Members of the delegation are at the Stoletovs' house. The members of the delegation lay flowers at the grave of the hero Shipka, General N.K. Stoletov at the Prince - Vladimir (old) cemetery. Bulgaria, a monument to Russian-Bulgarian friendship. Energy complex in Maritsa - thermal power plant "Maritsa-Iztok". The work of the Soviet "Turbogenerator No. 1". Turbine hall. Control room. Part 4 View of Stara Zagora from a flying helicopter. General store on the first floor of a residential building. Perfumery department. Manufacturing of "Sun" cigarettes at a tobacco factory. Zagorka Brewery. Vacationers in the park. Kazanlak city, in the background - mountains. G. Chirpan. Monument to the soldier with the date "1923-1944". Passers-by on the streets. Flower beds with roses. Monument to the Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov in the park. G. Radnevo. Modern multi-storey buildings, traffic. The girls are walking down the street. The building of the restaurant "Friendship". G. Glybovo. View of the city from a flying helicopter. Pedestrians on the street, flower beds with roses, "Snack" on the 1st floor of a residential building. Modern buildings. Pavel Banya resort. Rehabilitation center building, park. Vacationers. Energy complex. Work in the shops of one of the industrial enterprises of the machine-building industry. The building of the textile industry, work in the weaving shops. Students of one of the technical schools of the Starozagorsk region study in the library. Demonstration. Athletes carry red banners, flags of the People's Republic of Belarus. A column of girls - athletes is marching. Girls dance, perform gymnastic exercises in the square. Spectators in the stands. Collecting rose flowers on the plantation. Girls in national costumes with roses in their hands stood in a circle.
H. Mutafov
Film ID
, rural settlements
, automobile transport
, livestock
, economic communications (bulgaria)
, militia
, landscapes
, restcitypopulation
, rest for children
, cities
, field cultivation
, monuments of history and architecture
, bytgorodskogo population
Number of Parts
H. Rachev
Other Creators
D. Barov, G. Krumov, P. Yordanova, I. Anev, I. Galoveki
Release Date
Has Sound

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